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Product Overview


Product Description


What is Active Silicon?


Active silicon is amorphous Silicon based soil enricher, conditioner that supplies plant available silica to plant. It improves nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasing them when required. It increases water retention and provides improved aeration in soil. Plant available silica actively boosts plants ability to withstand stresses from disease, insects and environmental pressure. Collectively these benefits of Active Silicon increases yield and quality of crops and plants. Active Silicon is basically amorphous silica. This is the only growing medium that energizes and actually feeds your plants. Although Silicon is an abundant element but it is mostly locked up in crystalline form and plant available Silica is only available from amorphous Silica.


Benefits of using active Silicon


·                                         It increases plant growth, flowering and fruiting.

·                                         It increases crop yield and quality of crop.

·                                         It is rich source of Plant available Silicon.

·                                         It has high water holding capacity.

·                                         It Neutralize Aluminum toxicity.

·                                         It unlocks Phosphate and makes it available to plant.

·                                         It reduces use of conventional Fertilizers from 25-40 %.

·                                         It protects plants against insect, pests and fungal infection.

·                                         There is reduction in irrigation and gives drought resistance to plant.               

·                                         It increases plants resistance to salt intoxication.

·                                         It increases soil porosity.

·                                         It gives strength to roots and stem of plant.

·                                         It dramatically increases the cation exchange capacity, stimulating the absorption of nutrients.

·                                         Will increase carbon sequestration.

·                  The results are visible within 15-20 days initially in the form of colour of the leaves which will be darker and growth will be faster as compared to normal crops without Active Silicon.






•          It can be added in soil before planting, at the time of sowing it can be applied with seed.

•          For Sugarcane, Rice, Cassava, vegetables and other crops it can be mixed in soil during preparation of Soil.

•          For Rubber, Tea Coffee and other fruit and flower plantation a small part of it can be applied near roots while sowing and in old plants by digging and applying near roots.




In agriculture crops-

In turf and landscaping –  

In Sugarcane –



In Rice-

In cotton

In fruit plants-           (To be applied near roots.)

In flowering plants (To be applied near roots.)

In vegetables-

In Potatos-                

In Banana-

In Ginger-


25 to 40 kgs per acre.

 25 kgs per acre.

50 kgs per acre

40 kgs per acre.

25 kg per acre.

75 kgs per acre.

40 kgs per acre.

15-25 gms per plant for small plant & for big 250-400 gms 

10-15 gms per plant                          

25 kgs per acre.

25 kgs per acre.

25 kgs per acre

25 kgs per acre





(Broadcast spread and incorporated into the top 10-20 cm using an off-set disc plough or rotary hue for sugarcane. Generally, all Si is applied to soil before planting).



Cost advantage    


•          Using Active Silicon will reduce consumption of Fertilizers (N,P,K) by its optimization in soil by approx 25-40 %

•          Yield will be more per hectare (Min 25-40 %)

•          Vegetables will be more green and yield will be more.

•          Fruits size and number will be more.

•          Flowering will be more in floriculture plants and flowers will be bigger in size.

•          Sugarcane stem will be thicker and taller in height

•          No. of Rice grains per plant will be more.

•          In cassava roots will be thicker and juicy.

•          Frequency of giving water will be reduced hence reducing cost.


General Specifications



Active Silicon -                    

Water Holding Capacity-  


Particle Size-


72 % Min

90 % (Volume wise)

7.5- 8.4

100 mesh


72 % Min

90 % (Volume wise)

7.5- 8.4

1- 6 mm




Brief reasons about the benefits of Active Silicon

Increased root development

Enriched with micro-nutrients, Increases Growth and Yield, Rich source of plant available Silicon (PAS), High Cationic Exchange Capacity, Structural strength in plants for reduced lodging and pest attack, Improved photosynthetic activity, Reduced drought and heat stress, Alleviation of salt stress, and Improved plant defense

Improved Crop Yield and Quality

The soil conditioning and silicon benefits of Active Silicon are evidenced in improved yields and quality of a variety of crops, as well as reduced fertilizer requirements. Active Silicon increases crop yield by 25-40%. As for low-fertile soils, crop yield can reach 25-40%. The application of Active Silicon results in an increase in a great number of important properties such as sugar, vitamins and antioxidants and promotes the scent of fresh fruits and vegetables. It Improves N.P.K. use efficiency, also increases water holding capacity and Improves soil aeration and porosity

By reducing leaching, the environmental impact and the requirement for chemical fertilizers are both reduced.

Protection of plants against insect pests and fungal infections without adverse environmental impact


Active Silicon helps to activate plant DNA for the synthesis of specific and nonspecific enzymes and proteins to protect against any stress (diseases, fungal diseases, insect attacks, viral diseases, drought, heat, salt or aluminum intoxication, short-term freezing, etc).


Increased plant resistance to salt intoxication


Due to the natural defense mechanisms of plants against salt intoxication, it is possible to use irrigation water with high salt content. Application of Active Silicon in regions with a high risk of secondary salinity can completely prevent salt accumulation in the soil and at the same time allow for the use of poor quality water.

Active Silicon Benefits to SOIL

Active Silicon increases the buffering capacity and adsorption properties of soil and also helps to reduce plant iron and aluminum toxicity, something which is especially important for acidic soils. Active Silicon also contains enough potassium to meet all plant nutrition requirements. It also helps retain water molecules and positively effects soil phosphate levels by mobilizing hard-phosphates, especially in sod-podzolic soils.


 Unlocking Soil Phosphorous (P)

Active Silicon will significantly reduce the application rates of conventional fertilizers, while maintaining or even improving crop yield. This is due to the cationic exchange capacity of the active silica retaining and making available ammonium and potassium ions, and the active silicon releasing locked up phosphate. One of the key benefits of active silica in the soil is in unlocking phosphate ions. Active Silicon releases active silicon in the form of monosilicic acid, which preferentially binds to soil particles, freeing up phosphate ions and making these P ions available for plant uptake.

Silicon- The Stress Element

The substantial body of evidence confirms that silicon is taken up and deposited in the plant, enhancing the plant’s ability to deal with both biological and environmental stresses more recently, Silicon has been found to play an active role in biochemical processes in the plant, enhancing the plant’s own natural defences. This rich source of plant available silica is well documented, it stimulates. Self Acquired Resistance (SAR) in plants increasing their resistance to disease. Studies show the slow release of soluble silica promotes, stronger, healthier, higher yielding plants that can mature more quickly. This is the only growing medium that energizes and actually feeds your plants.

Neutralization of aluminum toxicity of acidic soils

The active silicon content of Active Silicon soil amendment strongly binds with movable aluminum to form aluminum silicates. Silicon ameliorants are more efficient than liming materials.


Eco friendly media


In it's non-crystalline form, Active Silicon is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly media. It will not swell, expand or contract and acts as an efficient thermal insulator. thereby helps plants to sustain extreme weather conditions.


Improved drought resistance and reduction in consumption of irrigation water by 40-50%


Field studies conducted in the U.S., Australia and the Middle-East have proven that silica helps plants to store moisture and provides optimum silicon nutrition, thereby helping plant cells to function properly under water stress conditions.

Lightweight and highly absorbent Active Silicon can absorb up to 120% of its own weight in water and nutrient, and releases it back to the plant as required. It minimizes leaching and run-off and significantly reduces watering.

Active Silicon provides excellent lateral movement of water and nutrient throughout the media, it insulates, aerates and promotes capillary action and because it is multi-faceted, air is able to penetrate to the plants root zone without difficulty.

Active Silicon can be used as a 100% hydroponics growing medium, and/or can be added to any other growing medium as well. (eg. Soil less mixes, coco fibre, etc.)

Active Silicon recycles as an excellent ground cover mulch which enhances aesthetic presentation without the decay which happens with barks and mulch ground covers. Active Silicon when applied dry is a proven non-chemical, environmentally safe pest control.

From orchids to grapes, all greenhouse vegetables and fruit Active Silicon provides an inexpensive, lightweight quality growing media for any horticultural need.  


Recovery and continuous improvement of fertility of agricultural soils


Active silicon, together with microbes, provides optimal conditions for the improvement of the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, increasing water adsorption and water retention capacity and optimizing structure and mineralogical composition. In addition, Active Silicon also increases the resistance of soils to wind and water erosion.


Reduction of fixation and removal of 25-40% of nutrients (N, P, K) and maintenance of their availability to plants


Due to Active Silicon, doses of conventional fertilizers can be reduced by 25-40 % while crop yield is maintained or even improved. This is possible thanks to the natural processes activated by the application of Active Silicon. For instance, active silicon releases hard-to-reach phosphorus for plants.


Result Pictures











Comparison Active Silicon.JPG


Lettuce results from China





Rice plantation in Malaysia

5.JPGWith Active Silicon.JPG




Oil Palm in Malaysia







Organic papaya Farm in Malaysia


Farm Owner.JPG























Tobaco plantation Comparison




1.jpeg2.jpeg3.jpeg4.jpegTobacco leaves comparision.JPG


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 25, 30 , 50 kgs Laminated P.P. Bags



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