Wooden handicraft Omega 46 Painted L77 boat model nautical decor for home decoration

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Product Name
Omega 46 Painted
Product Type
Real canoe kayak
76.2Lx17.8Wx114.3H Cm
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number

Product Description

The Omega 46 is one of the most beautiful yachts on the water. The spacious interior has two large double rooms, one in the front,
and one in the rear. Now you can have it displayed right into your own room or office. Master craftsmen handcraft these highly
detailed wood models from scratch using historical photographs, drawings and original plan. They are built to scale with high-grade wood such as: western red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany. They are 100% hand built individually using plank-on-frame construction method and are similar to the building of actual ships. Each model requires hundreds of hours to finish and must go through a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop. The Omega 46’s hull is painted beautifully in red and green with white waterline. The mast, boom and boom vang are painted in silver. The sails are meticulously stitched that extends all the way to the masthead. The model exhibits a double deck made out of wood from the inside cabin to the gunwale. Metal stanchions hold up the guardrails in place around the deck. There are also numerous details on the deck such as hatches, winches metal steering wheel, cabin and companion way. The model is secured tightly on a painted wood base with a brass nameplate. It’ll make a perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast, or passionate collector.

Packing & Delivery

styrofoam mold-carton-wooden crate if needed

Company Profile

Established in 1999, Old-Modern Handicrafts is a leading factory in manufacturing high quality wooden model ships. Our ships have crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2001 and have been sailing all over America since then. They have also traveled to many other parts of the world like Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Japan, Korea. . . Etc. Here are some highlights about our products:

- 100% hand built from scratch using "plank on frame" method.
- Hundreds of hours is required to finish a model at museum-quality level such as HMS Victory or USS Constitution.
- Completed models contain thousands of details created by our skillful master craftsmen.
- Made of finest wood like Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak and other exotic tropical wood.
- Chrome and brass fittings and ornaments constitute the excellence of our models.
- Extensive research through original plans and pictures make our model authentic.
- Each model goes through a demanding quality control process before leaving the workshop.
- It' just the perfect gift for home or office decorator, boat enthusiast or passionate collector.
We also build custom models for our customers. We need as many pictures and if possible the original plan for the best results.
As a new venture of Old Modern Handicrafts, full size and functional wooden kayaks, canoes have been highly appraised by many customers. These boats are made of western red cedar which is imported from Canada and topped with US made fiber glass. The quality is striking and just in 2005, we have exported containers of kayaks and canoes to USA, Canada and Europe.

Our goal doesn't stop there, we are seeking partnerships and business consultants to build the big boats.

Why Choose Us

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?
At OMH, we understand what it takes to make the choices needed to transform your bottom line. Over 20 years in manufacturing nautical handicraft products, we have develop UNIQUE and EXEPTIONAL QUALITY products that help hundreds of distributors to sell millions of ship models, wooden boats and furniture and getting started is easy. There is money to be made

1.\tUNIQUE PRODUCT: In such a fast-paced world, classics beauty seems gone to soon but the memories live on. At OMH, we work hard to bring those memories back to life through extensive research, 100% hand built from scratch make our models authentic with museum-quality level.

2.\tATTRACTIVE PROFIT MARGIN: We have 10+ exclusive distributors and 100+ dealers all over the world. They are making the profit margin of 200%++ on these items.

3.\tHIGH CUSTOMER RETENTION: Our list of come-back customers are getting longer and longer since we believe that there is always room for improvement, and we continuously renovate to go beyond the market standard. If you have a retail business, our system can help you quickly gain thousands of dollars in additional revenue. At no cost, we provide marketing support for your team.



1. What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ varies in different categories.
For ship model: 5-20 pcs
Real boat: 1-5pcs
Furniture: 3-5pcs
Décor & accessories: 5-20pcs
Wooden surfboard: 3-10pcs

2. What is your lead time?
It takes about two hundred hours to complete a model. New models or custom built models require longer time. Each order usually
take 1 to 3 months to complete. It's always a good idea to submit your order early and give us plenty of time to finish the job
with the highest quality outcome.

3. How are the ships measured?

All products from OMH are measured in maximum display dimension as illustrated in the below picture.

4. How are models packed?
The ship is packed in sturdy wood crate and then put in a nice carton box with cushion for maximum protection. We also perform a
drop test to make sure the package is safe in shipping.

5. How do you ensure the product quality for the customers?
A final quality control process is conducted to make sure our model are historically accurate, detailed, well-build, and
attractive. Each OMH model is uniquely identified by a serial number.

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