20kg spiral mixer

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Product Overview


Company overview 


        QuanLi Food Machinery Co,Ltd. is established in 1997.  Specialize in food mixer (for flour/dough/ milk/eggs/paste),  planetary mixer,  spiral dough mixer/ kneader,bakery mixing equipment   for more than 15 years


     With good quality and reasonable price, products have a good market both in domestic and overseas.


      A  professional manufacturer, good quality machines and direct service, competitive price is the reason that why cooperation with us.





Our products series




     Good products and service, professional production capacity is guarantee of ourself and our partners.


   We faithfully welcome you to cooperate with us to make our business and life better and better.


Technology Parameters


HS 20-1.jpgModelHS 20-1HS20-2
CapacityBowl:     20L
Flour/Dough: 7kg/10kg
Speedone speed
Dough hook:232 r/min
Mixing Bowl:   24r/min
two speeds
232/116 r/min
24/12 r/min
Packingplywood case~
Packing size72*43*83cm~
housing made of steel plate
belt and chain transmission






we have  different capacity from HS20 to HS100. Also 110V/60Hz  is ok



Product details

   Spiral dough mixer with Stainless steel bowl and dough hook, confirm to the hygiene standard.




 Good and Stable Transmission


      Adopt belt and chain transmission, stable and efficient, the belt and chain are durable




      Double motion, opposite move direction of dough hook and bowl, keanding flour efficiently.




Safe cover and humanized design


       1.open the safe cover,it will cut off power


     2.you can add water, flour through the hole or put hand into it to feel the dough is ok or not


because the dough may not get a good effect when stopped during the course of kneading.







        1. keep the spiral dough mixer  working in a clean surrounding and clean it regularly


      2. don't let solids mix into the bowl, the machine will be stucked ( even it have protective device,it may harm to the machine)


      3. people need rest, so does the machine, do not keep the machine working stopless for a long time.


        4. check the luricating oil of the chain and add it regularly.


      5. If you are not skilled man, it is better let the technician repair the machine


packing: each machine well packed in a wooden case  




 HS 20



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