Micro Vickers hardness test blocks 800+-50 HV0.05 calibration and verification

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Micro Vickers hardness test blocks

Reference hardness test blocks (hereinafter referred to as hardness test blocks) are intended for the reproduction of metal hardness on Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Shore D hardness scales. The hardness test blocks are used at the calibration and verification of hardness testers.

COMPLIANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL STANDARDS ISO 6506, ISO 6507, ISO 6508 ASTM E92, ASTM E384, ASTM E18, ASTM E10 GOST 9031, 8.064-94, GOST 8.063-07, GOST 8.062-85, GOST 8.516-01.

Minimum dispersion of hardness readings along the surface; Long-term stability; Manufacturing according to individual orders (on all hardness scales and ranges);

Delivery by piece and in sets.

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Are the hardness blocks supplied with a calibration certificate?
You can choose the factory calibration certificate or the FSUE "VNIIFTRI" calibration certificate. This certificate is issued by the main hardness center of Russia - a metrological institute FSUE "VNIIFTRI" which is a delegate from Russia during international comparisons (http://vniiftri.ru/index.php/en/).

How to quickly determine the type of hardness tester?
It depends on the size of the measurement object. If the mass is less than 3 kg or the wall thickness is less than 10 mm, then you need to choose UCI - MET-U1A. If the weight is more than 3kg and the thickness is more than 10mm, then you can use the dynamic MET-D1A. If you have different details, it is better to take the combined MET UDA.

Does the surface to be measured need to be cleaned?
Yes, but it is enough to grind the part with a portable grinder to remove scale, paint, rust.

About Company

Centre MET LLC

Center "MET" is a Russian developer and manufacturer of high- precision portable hardness testers and hardness test blocks since 1998 We are located in Moscow, Zelenograd.

Hardness testers and reference hardness test blocks produced by Centre "MET" reproduce Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Shore hardness scales.

Portable hardness testers: ultrasonic (UCI) MET-U1A, dynamic (Leeb) MET-D1A, and combined (UCI+Leeb) MET-UDA, as well as miniature ultrasonic hardness testers MET-MINI allow to perform true and reliable hardness control of articles made of metal.

Reference hardness and micro hardness test blocks are the only means of measurement that enables to calibrate the hardness tester and confirm the correctness of its measurements.

Calibration of MET hardness testers and reference hardness test blocks is carried out by National Metrological Institute of Russia that accredited for providing world famous CIPM calibration.

As center "MET" produce its own production, we control every stage of the manufacture of our testers and hardness blocks. Thus, we can guarantee the high quality of our products.
MET series hardness testers are calibrated only using standard hardness test blocks HR, HB, HV, HSD and so on without using conversion tables, which are "hardwired" into the programs of other hardness testers that increase the measurement error.
However, conversation function is also include into electronic module IP66.

If you need a non-standard solution for your task, we are ready to help you with pleasure, because we have extensive experience in implementing different projects and passion in hardness science.


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