Stock 40 pieces - Organic spaghetti 100% vegetables SPAGOTTIMI RED BEETROOT gluten free dry noodles 40pcs

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Product Overview


SPAGOTTIMI 40 pieces

Natural spaghetti of organic dried vegetables

Products Description

• natural spaghetti of
dehydrated vegetables
• made with 100% organic ingredients
• from Italian Integral Farming
• naturally free from gluten, flour or salt
• no preservatives added

SPAGOTTIMI revolutionize the idea of “pasta”: natural spaghetti of dehydrated vegetables, made with 100% dehydrated zucchini, pumpkin or red beetroot from Integral Organic Farming. Totally flour-free and plant-based, they can be cooked and eaten just like regular noodles, but they are a healthy and original alternative to traditional pasta.
SPAGOTTIMI are a quick solution for a first course of great effect. In addition, they retain all the benefits of organic vegetables. They can be prepared and seasoned just like traditional pasta, at their best with tomato and cheesy sauces.

Nutritional Facts and Product Information

64 kCal |  268 kJ
Total Fat
<0.5 g
for 100 g of product
of which saturates
<0,1 g
6 g
of which sugars
6 g
INGREDIENTS: 100% dehydrated organic beetroot
5 g
Dietary Fiber
4 g
Salt (naturally contained)
<0.01 g

How it is made?

The vegetables are freshly harvested from the field and, in a few hours, processed by hand through an innovative dehydration method: by draining water out from vegetables, degradation of veggies is avoided and the final product can be stored long-term in the pantry.
SPAGOTTIMI come in a funny and “noodleized” shape, thus can be cooked, eaten and seasoned exactly as traditional
pasta. Each package contains 2 servings: let SPAGOTTIMI boil for 7 minutes, drain and add your favourite pasta sauce before eating.

Company Profile

Greens are grown in our Farm SAN PIO X Az. Agr. dal 1708, according to the principles of INTEGRAL FARMING: a sustainable and circular system. Sun is the energy for production, while soil nourishes plants (without pesticides or chemicals), that grow up rich in taste, nutrients and antioxidants. This system is sustainable and circular: vegetables are harvested in full ripening, in the proper season, and earth receives back what we take.
Raw materials are processed by hand, with an exclusive DEHYDRATION METHOD, improved in a long years’ experience. Vegetables are drained out the water, in order to concentrate their nutrients and avoid degradation of the product, keeping it “always fresh” as just picked up from the field. Then, different ingredients are combined into flavourful recipes, developed in collaboration with Gregori Nalon, Italian Chef & Cooking Strategist.

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