Автоматическая линия по производству контейнеров из алюминиевой фольги

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Product Overview



Automatic Aluminium Foil Container Production Line

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Product Description


Disposable aluminium foil container making machine CTJF-63T can produce aluminium foil food containers, dishes and trays. The working speed of making machine CTJF-63T is 50-70 PCS/min, and its speed depends on container's size and complexity.


Disposable aluminum foil container making machine CTJF-63T is composed of the followings:


1. Decoiler (with an auto-lubricator)


2. Electrical control panel


3. Foil feeder


4. 63 ton pneumatic press


5. Aluminium foil container mould


6. Container collector(semi-auto or full-auto)


7. Collection desk



Performance characteristic:

 1.This machine adopts Siemens CPU216 programmable logic controller(PLC) as the controlling system,it is reliable.The Feeding length,producing speed and other parameter are easily set,it is integration of Gas&Electrical,centralized control,automated production.

2.Feeding,punching,scrap collecting is running automatically.

3.The accurate press adopts steel plates joining body,variable frequency speed regulation,dry type friction clutch to clutch-on-off,rigid over-load protector to protect the press.In short,this is a high accuracy and reliability press.

4.Feeding is controlled by stepper system,the feeding length is accurate and can be adjusted from 20mm to 999mm1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg







Slide Block Stroke(mm)

120-260mm(4.72” -10.24” )

Slide Stroke Per Minutes


Maximum Die Set Height(mm)

310-450(12.2” -17.71” )

Die Set Height Adjustment(mm)

70mm(2.76” )

Slide Bottom Size(mm)

480*400mm(18.9” *15.75” )

Stemhole Size(mm)

φ 60*65mm(2.36” *2.56” )

Bolster Surface Size(mm)

870*520/1000*800mm(34.25” *20.47” /39.37” *31.5” )

Total Power(KW)




Overall Dimension Before Changed(mm)

1610*1200*2500mm(63.39” *47.24” *98.43” )

Overall Dimension After Changed(mm)

1800*1300*2700mm(70.87” *51.18” *106.3” )



Main Features:

 (1)This full making machine work automatically. Worker control and regulate this plant through electric control panel, including the air-pressure and electricty.

(2)The Max. Width of decoiler is about 650mm. The Max. Diameter of foil roll is 600mm.

(3)There is an auto-lubricator on the feeder, which can lubricate aluminium foil automatically.

(4)The foil feeder provides the supply of right quantity and length of aluminium foil, and it is controlled by computer, which assure a high-precision step.

(5)The press can be equipped with single cavity or multi-cavity moulds for producing wrinkle-wall or smooth-wall container. It is equipped with a mould lifter which can lift and low the mould automatically when change a mould.

(6)We can design and manufacture different machines on different customers' request.

The working flow of making machine CTJF-63T: Aluminium foil roll---decoiler---foil feeder---63T pneumatic press---mould---container collector--- collection desk






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