JLC - Low Cost metal clad, copper alloys

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Product Overview


JLC - Low Cost Clad Metal Processed By Production Machine




JLC - low cost clad metal is a more adhesive metal than a normal electroplating metal.,

is cold-rolled and heat treated after the base metal has been plated. JLC offers the following benefits.


• Rolling and heat treatment eliminate pinholes in the plating,

  and promote deffusion bonding of boundary lines.


• Compared to treatment with plating only, JLC has abrasion resistance,

   good workability and adhesion.


• JLC made it possible to produce thinner thickness clad,

   enables cost savings through the use of precious metals in this manufacturing process.


  Main uses                                                                                                              


Connectors, contacts, terminals, pin switches and so on.

The best for electrical components which need high conductivity, durability, and abrasion resistance.

Especially suitable for improving conductivity of contact points by using precious metals (silver, gold).


  The reason why you choose us                                                                             


1. Small quantity, short time delivery

If we have stocks, we can ship from a minimum of 1 kg sample in a few days.
We also manufacture custom-order materials in amounts of 300 kg and up

(Some materials are allowed 50 kg) in as few as 3 weeks.


2. High-precision thickness

We guarantee thickness tolerances that cannot be reproduced by competitors.

            t <0.30mm     Tolerance ±1 - 3 μm guaranteed

            0.30 mm≤t     Tolerance ± 1% guaranteed


3. Ability to add multiple features

We are capable of adding a variety of features to metallic materials

(resin coating, plating, bonding different kinds of metal, multigage skiving, etc.).


4. Unique technology and custom-made solutions

We provide customed solutions to your problems with our unique

technologies and well versed knowledge of materials acquired through

our experience of manufacturing 50,000 items.


5. Choose the appropriate base metals for your needs

We carefully balance quality, delivery time and price,

procure various base metals from all over the world.

We manufacture appropriate products to your needs.


6. To control metal structure(chemical formation)

We can manufacture ultrafine metal structures with a grain size of 1 μm.
Using finer grain sizes provides benefits such as hardenability,

balancing strength and ductility, and precision press processing.


7. Lower total cost

We taking your processing into account,

offer you reduce a total cost by using our product.


8. Global network

Our plant located in Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan,

we also support flexibly local procurement and production transfer.



  Specification details                                                                                              



 Specifications which can adjusted to suit your needs.

Hardness(HV) , Tensile Strength(N/mm2,MPa) , Elongation(%) ,
Proof Stress , Surface Finish ,
Edge Condition(Slited Edge, Rolled Edge, De-burred Edge, etc.) ,
Camber(mm/1M) , Cross bow(mm/Width) , Coil set(mm/1M) ,Surface Roughness(Rmax, Rz, Ra)
Maximum OD , Coil Weight , Packing



  Products and standard table                                                                                 





  Manufacture process                                                                                             





Manufacturing Processes


Base metal

We carefully balance quality, delivery time and price, procure various base matals from all over the world. We manufacture appropriate products to your needs.

Cold rolling

We have rolling machines like 18-high mills (Z-High type), 24-high mills (Sendzimir type), and 4-high mills, etc. We choose suitable rolling machine for each specification of metals.

An AGC program in rolling machines controls pressure and position, enables an accuracy of ±1~3μm at thicknesses 0.20 mm or less, and ±1% at thickness greater than 0.30 mm in cold rolling process.


Although electroplating is subcontract processing, we can choose the proper company from our multiple partners to meet your demand.


We possess BA (Bright Annealing; Continuous-Type ), BELL(Bell-Type), and TA (Tension Annealing; Continuous-Type ) furnaces. Annealing for internal stress removal is also possible as well as soft annealing.

Moreover, according to our accumulated experience and know-how, we can control the size of metallographic structure (carbide grain size).


Annealing process after plating of JLC (Low cost clad metal) make plating metal and base metal bond strongly by diffusion bonding structure at the interface between two materials.

Surface inspection


All-digital processing by CCD camera detect surface defects.

This high precise inspection machine detects even the minute scratches on a flat surface.


Saitama plant has 7 different type of slitting machines, so we use the appropriate machinery for your metals and specifications.
We can guarantee high quality slitting, like width tolerance and burr by setting optimum conditions for each metal's specification.

Sample inspection

We have furnished all the measuring equipments for mesuring metal properties and specifications, such as hardness and tension, etc.
We also possess SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes ) with EDX function. Furthermore, we have FE-SEM (+EBSD+EDS) which is more precise than SEM, so we can analyze micro crystal structure, too.


In order to prevent damage, rust, or other flaws arising in our products under transit, we alter our package one by one.
We also accept specific packaging requests from you.


  Order flow                                                                                                             






  ISO certifications                                                                                                  




Registration Date :   13 March, 2000

Registration No.    :   JMAQA-1646



Registration Date :   14 December, 2006

Registration No.    :   JMAQA-E670




  Global network                                                                                                      








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