Тестер емкости и разрядки литий-ионных батарей, 5 в 10 мА

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  • Battery Testing System(mA)

CT-4000 entered into market in the year of 2008. Now it is one of the most successful and most popular battery testing system in
China. Thousands of battery manufacturers, battery research institutes and laboratories use it as their primary testing partner
for their various testing activities.
The dQ / dV curve test helps the design of lithium ion batteries
Make it a dream, and the future is expected
The dQ / dV curve mainly reflects the phase change of the positive and negative active materials during charging and discharging. According to the data of the button battery, we can find the phase change corresponding to the different characteristic peaks in the dV / dQ curve, and then Or we can qualitatively infer the cause of the reversible capacity loss of the lithium-ion battery during the storage process of the dQ / dV curve, and provide a reliable reference for the design of the lithium-ion battery.

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