Woodworking machine wood treatment equipment factory supply wood vacuum impregnation autoclave machine

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Autoclave Inter Diameter/Length/Volume
1000mm /12500mm/9.8m3
Max Working Pressure
Test Pressure
Working Temp.
Room Temp.
Vacuum Pressure
0~ -0.098 Mpa
Water-soluble preservative, flame retardant, modifier
Pressure Booster Pump 7.5KW; 
Vacuum Pump 11KW; 
Discharge pump 5.5KW
Electric Voltage
3 phases electric power
Autoclave thickness
The way of open the door
Open by hand
Sealing Way
Inflatable silicone seal
Control Way
Electric automatic control
Safety Way
Tank door double safety interlock, tank double safety interlock
Alarm Way
Ultra high voltage automatic power failure alarm

Products Description

1. 3 Phases Electric Power
2. Air Compressor(1m3/min)
3. Chemical Liquid Tank(1.5 times of autoclave volume)
4. Add water into water tank
5. Set Negative Gauge(Lower than -0.098Mpa)
6. Set Pressure Gauge(1.2-1.3Mpa)
7. Set Pressure Time

2. Open the door, put timber into autoclave.
3. Open ‘Door Sealing OFF’ ,Close ‘Door Sealing ON’.
4. Open ‘Power Switch’
5. Open ‘Vacuum Switch’, the autoclave will running to negative pressure to -0.098Mpa. And then Vacuum pump will stop running.Close ‘Vacuum Switch’.
6. Set Pressure Booster Time, Set Positive Pressure Value according to customers requirements.
7. Open ’Liquid Inlet Valve’by handle, Close ‘Discharge Valve’ by handle .Chemical Liquid flows into autoclave.
8. Open ‘Pressure Booster Valve ’ by Handle.
9. Watch ‘Liquid Level Gauge’, when it reach the level what you need, . close the ‘Liquid Inlet Valve’
10. Open ’Pressure Switch’. The autoclave raise pressure to 1.2-1.3Mpa.It will be stop running after reach time what you set. And Alarm Buzzing. But autoclave still keep high pressure. Close ’Pressure Switch’. Close‘Pressure Booster Valve ’ by Handle.
11. Open ‘Discharge Valve’by handle. Watch the ‘Liquid Level Gauge’,when it reach to zero. Close it.
12. Open the ‘Air inlet valve’ and then open the ‘air inlet switch’.watch the ‘pressure gauge’ value to zero.and close valve and switch.
13. Close ‘Door Sealing Off’,Open ‘Door Sealing ON’
14. Open the door, take timber out.

Vacuum Pump.
Make Autoclave to Negative Pressure -0.098Mpa Situation. Discharge cooling air out of autoclave
Vacuum Buffer Tank
Set and check the negative pressure value
Discharge Pump
Discharge chemical liquid after finish the impregnation.

Distribution Box
All switches controlling.
Power ON/OFF,Vacuum, Time, Pressure Booster, Discharge and air return.
Air Pipes
Connect air compressor, door sealing.
Steel Pipes Markers
Add markers to install pipes easily

Negative Pressure Gauge
Positive Pressure Gauge
Pneumatic Valve

Door Sealing
Safety Valve
Electric Wires Protection


The anticorrosive  wood, which has been treated by CCA, ACQ vacuum pressure, has been widely used in landscape engineering, architecture, outdoor furniture, garden facilities, such as: wooden house, chair wooden table, flower bed, fence, garbage can, pavilion, railing, wooden bridge engineering, wooden house, etc. Chairs, wooden tables, flower beds, fences, outdoor decoration, villa courtyard wooden rack, guardrail, square floor, tourist wharf, anticorrosive wood floor, flower rack, hydrophilic platform, fishing platform, wooden trestle, floor, ladder, handrail.

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Company Profile

Zhucheng City Zhongnuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of class I and class II pressure equipment and vessels (manufacturing license No.: ts2237466-2016), which has long been engaged in the production and manufacture of food machinery and class I and class II pressure vessels. Its products include: Mushroom Autoclave Sterilizer, wood anti-corrosion tank, wood vacuum pressure tank, wood flame retardant tank, wood dyeing tank, vulcanization tank, autoclave and storage tank, Sterilization pot, rubber vulcanization tank, rubber tube vulcanization tank, tire vulcanization tank and other pressure vessels of various sizes, the company has complete qualifications, advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete detection means, and a sound and stable quality assurance system..

The company has several senior technical design engineers and professional production personnel, using international advanced technology and technology; We have successfully designed and produced various series and specifications of sterilization equipment, such as vacuum steam sterilizer, square sterilization cabinet, continuous bag less sterilization line, water spray conditioning sterilization pot, rotary conditioning sterilization pot, etc. Mushroom (culture medium) sterilizer is the main product of our company. The product has complete specifications. According to different user requirements, the products are made of all stainless steel, some stainless steel and carbon steel. The control system is operated by touch screen computer, which can realize the automatic control of the whole process of sterilization. Simple operation, thorough sterilization and convenient maintenance. And it can design and customize various specifications of sterilization equipment for users.



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