300W brushless DC solar pump famous borewell solar water pumps best borehole pump solar for irrigation

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The solution to your remote water pumping needs. Submersile centrifugal & screw solar water pumping system is rugged, durable and
built to last. This pump delivers a steady 1-36m³/h (17-600LPM) at its maximum depth of 100-600 feet (30-180M) when supplied with
DC power. Its unique water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation problems. Great for
livestock watering, irrigation, pond aeration, remote homes and 120m deep well.
* solar water pumping system use with solar panels and DC24 & DC48 & DC72 & DC96V battery systems
* Water blocked cable connector is impervious to water leakage and condensation
* Fits 3inch Dia. and larger wells
* submersible solar pump accepts a variety of jacketed cables from your power source
* Runs dry without damage temporary
* Easily repaired in the field
* 304 stainless steel inlet screen for solar powered water pump
* Corrosion-proof housing with stainless steel fasteners
* Quick disconnect electrical connection
* Require to work with a pump control box
* MPPT function

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