Manufacture Supply Electric Fecral 0cr23al5 0cr21al4 0cr25al5 Resistance Heating Wire

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Chemical compositionAl4.0-6.04.5-6.55.0-7.04.2-5.03.0-4.25.0-7.06.0-7.0
Maximal Temperature (°C)650125012501250110013501400
Resistivity 20°C (10-6ohm*m)1.251.421.421.351.231.451.53
Thermal conductivity (KJ/m*h*°C)52.746.
Extend strength (a*10-6/°C)15.41614.71513.51616
Melting point ( °C)1450150015001500150015101520
Tensile strength(N/mm2)588-735630-780637-780630-780637-784650-800680-830
Extension rate%>16>12>12>12>12>12>10
Section shrink rate (%)65-7560-7565-7565-7565-7565-7565-75
Repeatedly bending frequency (F/R)>5>5>5>5>5>5>5
Specific heat J/g.0.490.4940.520.460.490.4940.494
Linear expansion coefficient a×10-6/20100015.41614.71513.51616
hardness (H.B.)200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260
Rapid life h/ ≥80/1250≥80/1300≥80/1300≥80/1300≥80/1350≥80/1350


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FeCrAl electrice resistance heating Alloy wire

FeCrAl wires has high resistance, low temperature coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, and good corrosion resistance under high temperature, especially under the atmosphere containing sulfides. FeCrAl wire possesses good oxidation and heat resistance.FeCrAl wires are creep-resistant over a wide range of temperature, which is another of their important qualities. 

FeCrAl wires have several potential advantages, such as lower raw-material cost, superior oxidation resistance, lower density, and lower thermal expansion coefficient than the Ni-base super-s.However, FeCrAl wire has less hot strength than nickel s but much higher melting point and lower price. After being heated the 's plasticity becomes bad, easy brittleness, not to be easy to weld. However, If can be reasonably used, also be a kind of ideal electric heating material. 

FeCrAl wires are made of iron chromium aluminum base s containing small amounts of reactive elements such as yttrium and zirconium. The high aluminum content, in combination with the high chromium content causes the scaling temperature to increase up to 1425ºC (2600ºF ); Fe Cr Al s also have excellent oxidation properties at 800-1300ºC because of the formation of a highly protective Al2O3 scale.


FeCrAl wire Applications:   

FeCrAl wires intended for prolonged operation at high temperature. FeCrAl wires are used chiefly for heating elements in the electrical industry and wide range of high-temperature oxidation environments, such as industrial electric furnace, heating furnace, nuclear reactor, petroleum refinery and automotive exhaust system, household electrical appliance, electrical oven, electrical heater, infrared settings and far infrared ray device.

FeCrAl wires' ability to withstand oxidation, the wires can be employed under high-temperature conditions, while their good ductility enables them to be processed into wire and strip by hot and cold working.

Wire manufactured (Hot rolling, cold drawning, annealing, redrawing, Hammering, Pressing, Rolling)


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1. Is Shenglong Electric Heating a factory or a trading company?
Shenglong Electric Heating is a factory. Since 1990, we are a professional manufacturer of heating wire and heating elements.


2. Where is your factory? Can I visit your factory?
We are in Danyang City, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. It is 5 km from Changzhou Airport and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Luoshu Bay Exit. The journey takes 10 minutes.
We warmly welcome you to our factory and we will be happy to show you our production, quality control, warehouse and more.


3. Can I take samples? Free?
Yes, we are happy to provide you with samples for your inspection and testing. Depending on the number of samples and the model number, we will confirm with you whether it is a free sample.


4. How long do I have to wait for a quote? And samples?
Usually, we will provide you with the best price within 24 hours after your inquiry.
As for the sample, it will take 5 to 7 days.


5. What is your delivery deadline?
We accept FOB, CIF, EXW, etc. Please choose the most convenient and most economical one.


6. What is the delivery time for mass production?

It depends on the number of orders and the season in which the order is placed. In general, the lead time for delivery is approximately 15 to 20 days. We recommend that you start your inquiry at least one month before the date you want to purchase the product in your country.


7. Do you guarantee the product?
Yes, it must be.


8. Which payment method do you accept?
T / T, L / C, Paypal, Westren Union.
We also accept a small amount of Paypal, Aliexpress, Western Union.


9. Can I print my logo on the product?
Yes, it is possible. However, please note that we have a minimum order quantity for different products.


10. Can you design for us?
We package and ship according to the requirements of buying a house.

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