Environmental Wholesale Portable Disposable Empty Coffee Filter Bag Hanging Ear OEM Drip Coffee Bag

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Product Name
Drip Coffee Bag
Place of Origin
Taiwan, China
Brand Name
Model Number
Drip Coffee Bag-3

Product Description

Company Profile

OKLAO specialty coffee is the only chain coffee brand that has it's own coffee from and process plants, with direct supply and trades. In addition to a 50-hectare farm in LAOs, there are also green bean hunters looking for good coffee in the countries all over the world. OKLAO has contract farming with multiple well-known estate in Panama and Costa Rica and also has a green bean process plant in Costa Rica, to ensure coffee quality. Also participated in the international coffee auction, acquire all the best coffee and stored in temperature and moisture controlled storage. OKLAO has many SCAA certified Q Graders that cup every batch of coffee and work closely with our experienced roasters to determine the best roasting method and level for the coffee. At the same time, OKLAO also actively cultivate talented baristas, and won the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup Siphon Coffee Competition (WSC). From the place of origin to a cup of coffee, OKLAO check every detail and steps using the highest standard. Through delivering great coffee to our customers, we hope to help them know more about coffee and explore the coffee world.

Dedicated coffee hunter team to find and purchase the best coffee from all over the world, coffee bean items displayed in every OKLAO store, are the most in Asia countries. One could only find these many great coffee in OKLAO, fulfill needs for different flavors and taste.

OKALO directly engages in contract farming with local coffee farmers. Participate in the cultivation, harvest, delicate processing, cupping, packaging and transportation of green beans. More stable and accurate grasp of green bean quality


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