BTWS high quality FIR sauna dome fitness equipment for sale infrared spa capsule equipment

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BTWS high quality FIR sauna dome fitness equipment for sale infrared spa capsule equipment

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BTWS  FIR sauna dome fitness equipment for sale infrared spa capsule equipment

1. 3sections sauna heating:
Germanium stones heating 2 domes with High-end PU+wood frame
+1 germanium stone heating  mattress
2.CE ,RoHs confirmed 
3.working time 1 hour and working temperature 30-90degree adjusted freely 
4.white curtain, connect wires, metal controller
Stone sauna dome size
heating mattress  size
1200W / 100~240V
packing size
95*79*50cm 1pcs/carton

BTWS high quality FIR sauna dome fitness equipment for sale infrared spa capsule equipment
Far infrared sauna dome/domes for healthy sauna so dome
1. Keep beauty - Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, strengthen muscle nutrient, activate cell and eliminate heavy ions & toxin
2. Weight loss - Burn the fat gradually by heating effect and release harmful material inside body
3. Body shaping - Make the body smooth and health by heating so as to accelerate the cell's ability of absorbing nutrient and releasing wastes.
4. Health Maintaining - Help you stay away from Insomnia, Constipation, Endocrine Disorder, Arthritis etc. And improve human immunity.

1.PU: cold-proof, resist high temperature and wear.
2.wodden dome: it is Safe and effective, prevent leakage of electricity
3. Safety: Security measures are implemented through three defenses, one is chip, the second is thermal, and the third is the thermostat.So don't worry when it working , it will cause burns.

BTWS factory welcome different kinds of OEM service, show us your requirements,we will make for you

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About the far infrared sauna DOME
1.Promote the physiological redox reaction: reduce the surplus fat to be piled up. Improve the physic makeup.
effect of heat
–keeping :saving the consumption of physical stamina ,keep body physical stamina ,the sports can consum.
2.physical stamina to reduce the weight while the far infrared lights let the cells exercise to generate the plentiful stamina
without the energy consumed.
3.Promote the perspiration and fat elimination (should pay attention to supplementing the moisture ),be helpful to the excretion of the heavy metal ,toxin ,deposit wastage in body.
4.Active the physiology function ,let the hormone and ferment be sharpened.
5.Invigorate ,accelerate the metabolism ,strengthen the use of the nutritional ingredients ,and dispel the fatigue.
6.Physically cure the muscle and nerve diseases ,produce the positive function to the liver ,and dispel the tension and
inexplicable pains for the liver.
7.Prevent the pervasion of the cancer cells.
8.Warming navel and womb ,accelerate to gastroenter’s squirm and digestive.

Material and technology:
1. Use best PU and sponge around the wooden framework, so it has waterproof and anti-conductive function, when users touch the surface of the dome, it is sage, soft and comfortable.
2. It is big and long enough for a people to lay down in it, the instrument do not contact the skin.
3. The infrared thermal system is covered by high tech insulated material, can avoid electric shock accidents. infrared heating wires are arranged inside the dome and covered an aluminium plate.
4. There are temperature protectors inside, if the temperature is too high, it will cut off the electricity automatically.

What is germanium?
The wave radiated by germanium can active the cells of human’s body. Using germanium products often, those micro-elements will be
absorbed by the human’s skin then getting the effect of activating the cells, balancing the yin and yang, keeping the spirit,
removing the fatigue, caring the heart and lung, caring the throat and hair

All information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care.
Should you have any specific questions or concerns about your health, please consult your health care provider.

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