Organic Fish Amino Acids Liquid Fertilizer, High Amino Nitrogen Rich In Organic Trace Elements For Vegetables, Durian

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Product Overview


Organic Fish Amino Acids Liquid Fertilizer, High Amino Nitrogen Rich In Organic Trace Elements For Vegetables, Durian



Dora organic fish fertilizer is manufactured using only 100% healthy deep-sea fish by low temperature enzymatic hydrolysis technology. It contains plant essential nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and natural growth hormones which be easily absorbed by plants.


In addition to this, Dora organic fish protein fertilizer also improves soil ecosystems and promotes the growth of microbes, which are the engines of transformation into essential nutrients for plants. These soil organisms (bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and arthropods) also stimulate plant viability and root structure.


Dora FishBlend is the trade name of our liquid fish protein fertilizer formulation. It contains high-quality peptides and ocean extracts. Designed for the good condition in root growth, nutrients uptake and fruits’ flavor, etc. The effect is much better than the common fish protein fertilizer on the market. And totally natural and organic.

FishBlend improve color


Highlights of Dora Fish Blend

* Non-polluting fished as raw materials
* Pure ocean extracts
* Quality peptides +

Functions of Organic Fish Fertilizer
* Promote nutrients uptake
* Improve fruits flavor
* Help defend abiotic stress
* Promote roots growth

How to Apply
Foliar application: Add 1L Dora FishBlend to 500-800L water, apply 2-3 times during seedlings stage, flowering period, and fruit setting stage.


Root/Sprinkling irrigation: Apply 10-15L Dora FishBlend per hectare.


Feedbacks of Organic Fish Fertilizer
1. Stimulate Seedling Growth


2. Increase Fruit Density and Yield


3. Increase the sweetness







     Dora Agri located in Jiangsu Province of China, focus on high-end and environment-friendly Plant nutritions & Protection for more than 14 years. 
     Dora is always dedicated to be engaged in R & D, Production, Sales, Popularization and Market promotion of green products. 
     Our Hot Products in Alibaba: Microbial fertilizer, Amino acid fertilizer, Seaweed fertilizer, Plant growth regulator. 






*Rich industry experience: 
14 years experience in agrochemicals products manufacturing and exporting. Provide efficient and innovative fertilizers, customized products, and technical support for highly efficient agriculture, precision agriculture, water saving irrigation and other growing industries around the world.


*Sales Team & After-sales Service:
7*12 hours service and one to one business communication, convenient one-station purchasing and excellent after-sale service.


*Support from R&D Department:
For offering high level service to our customers, Dora's R&D department had worked hard to various agricultural-related questions and set out the targeted products for different customers' demands.


*Variety of products: 
Our main products Biostimulant(amino acid, Kelp, plant hormones), Biocontrol(Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide, Immune), Microbes(Bs, Bm, Trichoderma Harzianum, Nemaxe).












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