Portable pressure comparator

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Product Overview


100mm 150mm dial stainless steel pressure gauge lower back connection

Product Description

 Pressure gauge refers to an instrument that uses elastic elements as sensitive elements to measure and indicate pressure higher than the ambient pressure. It is extremely popular, and it covers almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. It can be seen everywhere in the fields of heating pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply system, vehicle repair and maintenance factories and stores. Especially in the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, because the elastic sensitive element of the mechanical pressure gauge has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and convenient production, the mechanical pressure gauge is more and more widely used.




1.5'',2'',2.5’’,4”, 6”,8'',10''(40mm,50mm,63mm,100mm, 150mm,200mm,250mm)


Full  stainless  steel,iron


Common glass or Safety glass



Minimum: 0~0.1Mpa

Maximum:   0-100Mpa

Minimum negative   pressure: -0.1Mpa

Maximum negative   pressure: -0.1~2.4Mpa

Accuracy Class(Indication)


Accuracy Class(Setting)


Quantity of Contacts

1 or 2, (Φ 100mm, 3 or 4 contacts available)

Maximum Working Voltage

AC380V or 220V

Maximum Current


Contact Power

Temperature Effects


When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error

Connection Size

1/8",1/4", 3/8",1/2";



Protection Class

Standard type: IP 54;Vibration-proof type: IP65

Filling for vibration-proof style

Special silicon or glycerin liquid filled

Temperature Effects

When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error

Environment condition

Temperature -40~70 ; Relative Humidity 85%

Shock-proof class

V*H*3 for YXC type V*H*4 for YXN type

Technical parameter of electric contact

Max. Working Voltage: 220V; AC380V

Max. Power on Contact: 30VA (Resistant Loading)

Control Way: by adjusting magnetic contact switch


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