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Product Overview


Working Principle

PSA Nitrogen is a technique used to separate nitrogen from the air of high-tech(Pressure Swing Adsorption, referred to as
PSA). TLY series PSA nitrogen generator is based on the principle of the purified air as raw material, food grade carbon
molecular sieve as adsorbent, and takes advantage of the different pore diffusion rate of nitrogen and oxygen in the zeolite, the oxygen gas is faster and preferential adsorption of nitrogen concentration in the gas tank to be abundant, which can realize that N2 will be able to produce at room temperature.

PSA nitrogen adsorption tower is dual structure and mainly a AB with carbon molecular sieve adsorption of these two towers as well as control system. When the compressed air goes through the A tower, the oxygen gas is adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, the nitrogen gas can be flowed out. When A saturated molecular sieve tower then would automatically switch to the B tower, while the adsorption tower A regenerates. The so-called regeneration is to eliminate the gas absorption tower so that the pressure decreased rapidly to atmospheric pressure, and the oxygen as well as other molecular sieve adsorption tower from the release process. Nitrogen adsorption capacity of a tower, then the other tower desorption regeneration emptying, and the valve action through the controller to achieve the 2 towers turns gas production

System Introduction

Compressed Air Purification System
Air compressor, Refrigeration Dryer, Three Grades Filters.
Remove dust,water and oil in the compressed air
Air Buffer System
Air buffer tank
Ensure the stable supply of gas for 02/N2 separation system
TLY Oxygen & Nitrogen Sparation System
two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieve and automatic control valves
Produce N2 through PSA system.
Nitrogen Storge System
N2 storage tank
Ensure the gas supply smoothly and continuously.
Electrical Control System
PLC,eletrical systems,instrumentation and valves.
the control center of the whole equipment

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TLY is one of the manufacturers specializing in the development and research of air separation technology, which including PSA nitrogen system, membrane separation nitrogen system and PSA oxygen system. TLY fulfill the different usage requirements of nitrogen and oxygen in various fields, and provide efficient, reliable, energy-saving and economical products to all customers.

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