Disposable wooden cutlery making machine / wooden spoon fork knife making machine/ wooden tableware processing machine

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With the development of society, the European Union has promulgated the environment protection law and plastic limit regulation.So wood products industry rise very fast, ranging from ice-cream stick, coffee stick, disposable knife, fork and spoon, to food plate, daily necessities, handicraft and so on. At present, most of the wood products are manufactured manually and semi automatically. Since the labor cost increase a lot and low production efficiency, there is a market demand for automatic
production equipment of wood products.

Product Description

Smart automatic wooden spoon hot press making machine
1.Soaking the head of a flat wooden spoon in water.
2.Dry water, putinto the material stock bin on the equipment.
3.Automatically feeding material into the mold.
4.Mold preheating temperature.
5.Press and forming.
6.Equipment daily output 100000 (eight hours of uninterrupted work)

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