Cabosil pyrogenic silica EINECS No 231-545-4 China hydrophobic fumed silica HB-139 surface area 100 m2/g for resin material

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Product Overview


Product Description

HB-139 is hydrophobic fumed silica which is produced by hydrophilic fumed silica with specific surface area of 180m2/g after chemical post-treatment with PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane).

* Good thickening and thixotropic property
* Good anti-sagging properties and excellent stability in epoxy resin
* Excellent reinforcing properties in silicone rubber especially at high filler loading levels and no crepe hardening on aging
* Well suited for transparent system products
* Free-flow aid for water-proof material and powders

Physical & Chemical Data
Typical Value
Testing Standard
Specific surface area(BET)
GB/T 20020
 pH in 4% dispersion

5.5 -- 7.5
GB/T 20020
 Loss on drying
(2 hour at 105℃)
GB/T 20020
 Loss on ignition
(2 hour at 1000° based on material dried for 2 hours at 105℃)
GB/T 20020
 Silica content
( based on ignited material)
GB/T 20020
 Tamped density
(based on material 
dried for 2 hours at 105℃)
40 - 60
GB/T 20020
 Carbon content(based on material 
dried for 2 hours at 105℃)
4.5 -- 6.5
GB/T 20020

Product Application

Company Profile

HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert-- Company Profile
Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company established by the reform of Yichang Huifu Silicon Materials Co.,Ltd.We are National High-tech Enterprise, vice president unit of China Association of Fluorine and Silicon Industry (CAFSI), and National Innovative Incubation Base of Fumed Silica.
Our two main products are hydrophilic fumed silica and hydrophobic fumed silica. We take leading position in annual capacity and fumed silica processing technology in China.
We’ve built long-term and stable cooperation with customers in more than 50 countries and regions since 2014.Our customers cover fields of silicone rubber, printing ink, coating, thermal-insulation material, gel-batteries, adhesives, resins, food, ceramics,fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, electronic packaging materials, optical fiber, paper-making, green tire, mechanical polishing etc. We offer all these customers with good quality products, stable supply and professional service.
Huifu gets 72 technical patents. The core patents "Technology for the production of fumed silica using by-products from the polysilicon "and "A deacidification process and its equipment" won the China Patent Excellence Award. We are the only company that has won the honor in this industry.
We also lead in setting the domestic and international standard of fumed silica. As project director, doctor Wang Yuelin hosted and contributed to setting the international standard of ISO 18473-3:2018, it is the standardization for fumed silica used in silicon rubber. In China, doctor Wang Yuelin has been in charge of setting up and revising the project of GB/T20020 for fumed silica. Now we are in charge of formulating the ISO international standard "Test Method for Silicon Hydroxyl Content on Fumed
Silica Surface", leading the revision of the national standard "Nano Alumina", and participating in the formulation of the national standard "Nano Material Terminology".
Keep learning, keep researching and updating our products to suit customer needs. Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., ltd. will continue improving our management standard, customer service and manufacturing technology to be a reliable partner as return to your trust!

More Details

HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert-- Storage
HIFULL fumed silica will be stored in aeration-drying
HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert-- Storage
storage areas for protecting the material from

HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert-- Shipping 
For 20 GP, 2200kg with 10 pallets, 22bags/pallet ;10kg/ bag.
For 40 GP, 4400kg with 20 pallets, 22bags /pallet; 10kg/ bag.
For 40 HQ, 4800kg with 20 pallets, 24bags/pallet; 10kg/ bag.

Certificate and Exhibition

HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert--Main Certifications
1. HALAL Certificate
2. REACH Certificate
3. STAR-K Certificate
4.Certificate of GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015 Standard
5.Certificate of GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 Standard
6. Certifcate of GB/T45001:2020/ISO 45001:2008 Standard

HIFULL Fumed Silica Expert--Exhibitions
HIFULL actively participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad.

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1. Is your company a manufacturer or a trade company?
A manufacturer. We are one of the largest fumed silica factory with independent R&D team in China

2. What’s the main application of fumed silica?
Fumed silica is mainly applied in the field of HTV,RTV, electronic liquid adhesives ,adhesives, defoaming agent, ink and coating, food and drugs, farm chemical, animal-feeding, paintings and so on.

3. How could I choose suitable fumed silica?
A. You can tell us your application, our sales team will give you a professional advice.
B. You can provide the brand& grade you need, we will provide you the countertype of HIFULL fumed silica.

4. What's your MOQ?
The MOQ of this product is 200kg.

5. Do you provide sample?
Yes, click below or contact us to get your FREE sample!

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