Rapid preparative liquid chromatograph 2 Expert high-end/ organic chemistry column chromatography separation equipment

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Product Overview


Product Overview

liquid chromatograph
The 4.3-inch large screen display can display the separation parameters and separation progress in real time. It is cost-effective and can meet the routine separation and purification needs of the laboratory..

Instrument characteristics
 Gradient: quaternary system
 Control method: wireless mobile device control
 Gradient type: isocratic, linear, step
 Flow cell light diameter: 0.3mm (standard), 2.4mm (optional)
 Wavelength: single wavelength, dual wavelength, full wavelength
 Sample loading method: manual loading
 Collection methods: full collection, threshold collection, full band collection, waste liquid
 Collection container:
Standard configuration: test tube (13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm);
Optional: French square bottle (250mL, 500mL) and customizable collection container
 Certification: CE certification

A: Test tube rack automatic recognition
B: Lcd display test tube rack, convenient for users to locate and collect fractions
C:200-400nm, 200-800nm DAD detector
Optional fixed wavelength detector
D: Manual column holder, safe and leak-proof

E: Unique function and configuration
The ELSD detector can be connected externally, which is suitable for the detection of more samples
F:The test tube rack is equipped with a color fraction collection display, which can effectively identify and track the same chromatographic peak


Built-in LCD display test tube rack, convenient for users to locate and collect fractions, and automatic identification of test
tube rack specifications
 The main screen can display the current experimental status, flow rate, pressure alarm and other information
Main column frame: manual column frame, convenient operation, safe and leak-proof
Sub-column rack: Provides flexible installation methods for chromatographic columns in series and solid loading columns
Multiple safety protection, solvent level detection, leakage monitoring, overpressure protection, one-button emergency stop,
power-off recovery and other functions to ensure the safe and effective conduct of the experiment
Built-in independent air pump module, after the experiment is finished, the residual solvent in the pipeline and the
chromatographic column is automatically purged to prevent solvent waste and unsafe factors
The mobile device is controlled by wireless connection, and the instrument can be operated anytime and anywhere, multi-user
management, real-time message push, and network connection
Account security login through 128/256-bit AES data encryption storage and transmission to ensure data security
Account management function can manage login permissions and data viewing and exporting permissions to avoid data leakage
Self-developed software, with a variety of intelligent functional experience Unique TLC photo recognition function, which can
automatically recognize TLC information, and has an intelligent gradient conversion method
Recommend the appropriate separation column and flow rate according to the sample amount, and the process-oriented operation
design makes the purification easier DAD diode detector, dual-wavelength simultaneous collection, full-band scanning, easy to
judge the best wavelength
Built-in method library to accumulate separation and purification data and experience For every separation and purification,
researchers have devoted a lot of time and effort, and spent valuable scientific research resources. SepaBean™ machine has a
built-in chemical knowledge base, which can not only recommend separation and purification methods for users based on sample
information, but also guide scientific researchers to associate target compound information. Each separation and purification
becomes knowledge and experience, which is precipitated by SepaBean™ machine. User's wealth.
Data sharing of different devices in the local area network The experimental data resources of multiple devices in the laboratory
or institution are interconnected through the established local area network. You can log in to any device to view and call the
experimental separation method data of other devices, so that the experiment can be carried out without interruption, and the
experimental data will never be Lost



Q1:Excellent pneumatic control system, greatly improving the reproducibility of the instrument
Q2:Simplified and intelligent design brings better convenience to users
Q3: The ultimate temperature control system, the temperature rise and fall are more accurate and faster
Q4: The proven product quality and reliable process guarantee make your instrument more durable, safer and more efficient
Q5: Intelligent and compliant chromatographic workstation, more convenient to use and operate·

Company Profile
Established in 2004, it is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and application of separation and purification technology. The company’s products and services are mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical synthetic chemistry, natural products, fine chemicals and petroleum products. The main products include SepaBean™ machine fast liquid chromatography system, SepaFlash® fast separation column, ChemBeanGo® chemistry knowledge sharing release, scientific research Chemical search and trading platform, as well as intelligent software and hardware tools such as ChemBeanGo App.

The SepaFlash® fast liquid chromatography column of Santai Technology was recognized as a "high-tech product" by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province in 2007. At the end of 2005, the product has successfully entered the international market and has been widely recognized and used by synthetic chemists in many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. SepaFlash® fast separation column products have four series and 22 sizes, which are packed with high-quality ultra-pure packings of different particle sizes. Users can choose different series and different sizes of fast separation columns according to different needs of economy and efficiency.

SepaBean™ machine is a fast liquid chromatography system developed by Santai Technology, which has national patent protection. In addition to the conventional separation and purification functions, it also has powerful learning capabilities and data sharing functions, helping scientific researchers to challenge more and more complex separation and purification problems, and has also been favored by major enterprises and universities.

ChemBeanGo is a formally launched by Santai Technology in 2015 based on the accumulation and sharing of scientific research knowledge, focusing on building an online platform that provides efficient scientific research tools, and aims to build a global connection between supply and demand parties, and release and trade scientific research chemicals. , Separation/synthesis method and process information sharing platform, thereby improving R&D efficiency and benefiting innovators and sharers of knowledge and experience.

At present, ChemBeanGo APP has also been officially launched, and supports both IOS and Android systems, allowing users to truly realize mobile office, grasp purchasing and sales information anytime and anywhere, and understand the latest developments in the industry.

Company Profile

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