Factory direct supply of high-quality robotic forklift agv automated forklift

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Robot Forklift SFL-L14
SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Robot Forklift SFL-L14 can deploy easily without reflectors by adopting Laser SLAM navigation, pick up accurately by pallet identification sensor, be seamlessly connected to dispatching system and ensure 3D safety protection by various sensors such as 3D obstacle avoidance laser and safety bumper. This AMR forklift is the preferred transfer robotic for goods moving, stacking and palletizing in the factory.

1. Navigation accuracy usually refers to the repeated accuracy of the robot's navigation to the target site, when the environment scanned by the robot lidar is relatively stable (rate of change < 30%), the robot can navigate from a fixed direction to the target site with the desired repeatability. When the robot runs along the virtual path, it will try to fit the path, but repeatability is not guaranteed. In other words, the robot can guarantee the accuracy of arrival, but not the accuracy of
navigation path fitting. Fork positioning accuracy refers to the error range of a forklift truck when it is rising or descending
to a specified height.
2. The road surface is smooth and clean, without obvious ups and downs. Slope 5% = arctan(0.05) ≈ 2.8°. The robot cannot stop or turn at the ramp, step or gap, and can only pass quickly perpendicular to the ramp, step or gap.
3. Seer identification camera and algorithm authorization are required
4. It needs to be used with SEER system.
5. Comply with SEER stacking and de-stacking technical requirements.

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