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Product Overview


Product Description

Product description

Product Specification
Vibration Frequency: 300000times/s
Electric Power: 12W
Charging Votage: 5.0V
Unit Size: 90×90×110mm (3.54 × 3.54 × 4.33 Inches)
Net Weight: 290g ( 10.23 Ounces)
Package List: a body shaping massager, a charger

Function Introduction

- Ultrasonic Cavitation emit powerful sound waves to create bubbles in the liquid that surround the fat cells, which gradually grow and implode. Since the membranes of fat cells don't have structural to withstand vibration, The bombing effect easily pass it and finally destroy the intractable fat cells.

- Radiofrequency break through the barrier of skin, directly act on the deep dermis, applying heat on collagen and fat cells to help increase skin tightness and reduce fat.

- It is high powered ultrasonic unit that also has RF for body, allowing for not only lymphatic drainage but skin tightening, toning and firming.

1. NOT water-resistant. Prevent liquid entering from the USB charging port when used with slimming gel.
2. To ensure safety, we weaken the RF and sound wave. Therefore, you will NOT feel obvious warm like the thermal machine that need to be used by experienced salon server.
3. It is normal that you can see the difference over 1 month based on different usage. Be patient please.


1. Ultrasonic cavitation is NOT a method to lose weight but rather to shape the body. The treatment is used to reduce stubborn fatty pockets that just won't go away with diet and exercise.
2. Pregnant women and people with skin disease shall not use this product.
3. Please do not use this product within one hour after the meal.
4. Apply some slimming gel to work with our massager will effectively improve the treatment, but slimming gel is NOT necessary.

Detailed Images

4 modes(Using time of each mode doesn't exceed 15 minutes):

Brighten skin mode: Energy LED red light + RF function(red light flash slowly / red light flash quickly / red light steady on, three gear)

Burn fat mode: Energy LED red light + Ultrasonic CV function

Burst fat mode: Energy LED red light + RF + Mechanical vibration VIB function(red light flash quickly + intermittent mechanical short vibration / red light flash slowly + intermittent mechanical long vibration / red light steady on + mechanical long vibration, three gear)

Shaping mode: Mechanical vibration VIB + Ultrasonic CV function(intermittent mechanical short vibration, intermittent mechanical long vibration, mechanical long vibration, three gear)

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