LSP OEM ODM Plastic Pet Fiber Compactor Granulating Pelletizing Recycle Machine With Iv Increase

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Product Overview


LSP OEM ODM Plastic Pet Fiber Compactor Granulating Pelletizing Recycle Machine With Iv Increase

Product Description

LSP PET IV-increase Solution
LSP(Liquid State Polycondensation) improve the quality of PET recycling material (fibre, bottle flake, film, Low IV polymer) , To produce high grade PET fibre, PET packaging strip, PET pellet, PET film, Recycle bottle to bottle, fibre to fibre, improve the recycling utilization and quality of resources.
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Aceretech Recyclable Plastics Include:
* LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/PE/EPE film, crushed material, lithium battery film, foamed pearl cotton
* PP/OPP/BOPP/CPP film, woven bag,
non-woven fabric (melt blown)
* PA66 fishing net, silk, factory trim, carpet
* PET/BOPET bottle flakes, film, silk, waste cloth, foam,optical film
* PTT wire
* EPS/XPS crushed material, cold briquetting foam, hot melt foam, insulation board
* HIPS/PC/ABS home appliance housing, electronic waste, factory plastic
* PVB crushed material, flakes
* PU

Innovation Structure
The innovative structural design of the reactor, increases the reaction area of polymerization, improves the fluidity of PET melt,makes the reaction time shorter.

Smart Control
With our new smart control system, operations and real-time monitoring is more convenient than ever before, to predict maintenance and improve production efficiency.

High Energy Efficiency
Frequency conversion equipment is used to automatically adjust operation frequency. The multiple level temperature control system minimizes the required heating energy consumption and reduces the operation cost of the whole system.

LSP Excellent IV Improvement Effect
With our good homogenization feature, the reactor could mix different raw materials into homogeneous melt.

Suitable Products

LSP Achieve Higher Throughput
Through the buffer of our reactor, the whole production system is more controllable, increase output and avoid time lost during the process of replacing filters.

LSP Working Principle
LSP is an extremely efficient alternative to a Solid State Polymerization (SSP) as there is no energy needed to cool the polymer down and then reheat it. Further, the reaction time in the melt phase is considerably faster than in the solid phase, which also contributes to the better economics of the LSPLINE™ system.

Because the source of recycled material is complex, the components are difficult to guarantee, which shows that the fluctuations of melt in production process. In order to stabilize the IV, the reactor runs at a certain speed, so that the internal melt is fully mixed.

Remove Impurity
Because PET re-polymerization is carried out in a high vacuum state, the low molecular material contained in the raw material and the auxiliaries will be vaporized in high temperature.

Molecular Chain Growth
There are still a large number of hydroxyl and carboxyl molecules in the raw materials, and the catalytic system is still effective. the polymerization still occur under certain temperature and vacuum state, The molecular chain and IV will increase.

LSP Multiple Filter System
After Extrusion
The first melt filter after the extrusion can filter the inorganic impurities, and facilitate the further reaction.

During Reaction
Under high vacuum conditions, the oligomers and decomposed gases are separated from the melt and removed into the vacuum system.

After Reaction
High-viscosity melt passes through the last melt filter and the inorganic impurities.
that still remain in the melt will be filtered

LSP High Quality Products
High Purity
After multiple filtration and homogenization, the recycled polyester melt has higher purity and IV, and color of the end product are more uniform.

High Strength
Under the high temperature and vacuum polymerization reaction, the molecular chains and IV are continuously increased, and the strength of the produced polyester product is also better.

LSP Reactor Innovation
Non-shaft Design
The unique shaftless design makes the melt filming reaction smoother, avoiding the risk of material accumulation.

Larger Reaction Area
The larger reaction area has better decontamination efficiency, better IV-increase effect, and achieve higher purity after reaction.

Shorter Reaction Time
Innovative mesh design allows smoother melt flow, which makes the liquid level control more stable and can be controlled at a very low level, allowing the melt reaction time to be shortened and the end product color to be better.

Our Company


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● In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
● Each component before assembly needs strict control by inspecting personnel.
● Each assembly is in charge by a master who has working experience for more than 15 years
● After all the equipment are completed, we will connect all the machines and run the full production line for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable running in customers' factory

● After finishing the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or instant tools.
● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by the standard export package for shipment.
●According to the customer's request, we can arrange our engineers to customers' factories to do the installation and training.
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