Leadsfon Высокая производительная Двусторонняя VOTA-LS122.48 плетения кругловязальная машина

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Product Overview


Product Description

DJR 1.8 RIB Double Jersey
Unique Desigh,fixed Yarn Guide Feeding Angle,easy operate With High Performance.

Product Feature
1.High performance:open speed factor up to 918(27rpm at 34”).
2.Self-made Take-down system.
3.Patterned double jersey frame system ,Higher fabric quality.
4.Easier Adjusting textile system.
5.Single key per feeder

Product Advantages
1.Single adjusting key per feeder.
2.DJR unique design, relatively fixed knitting point and yarn guide feeding Angle, can be independently adjusted knitting point,saving operate work.
3.The yard guide ring can be adjusted as a whole, and the yard guide can be adjusted separately.
4.The unique big tripod structure ensures the absolute engagement of the gears, and keeps the equipment stable and efficient.
5.Unique yarn feeding aluminum disc anti-slip setting, avoid parallel lines.
6.Independent patented take-down system.
7.Large pattern range with up to 4 needles tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge fabric.
8.Different frame types available for different production requirement.

DJR 1.8
Diameter [inch] 
30” - 40”
No. Of feeders 
56F - 72F [1.8 feeds per inch](Example: 34” 60F)
Speed factor [max] 
(Example : 27rpm at 34” 60F )
Gauges [E] 

Tubular frame
Open width frame
Standard tubular frame
Giant tubular frame
Standard Open width frame
Giant open width frame
Frame for 550 mm fabric rolls
Frame for 680mm fabric rolls
Frame for 330mm fabric rolls
Frame for 680mm fabric rolls

Company Profile



Our Customers


Q : Where are your factory locate in ?
A : Our company is located in XIAMEN city, FUJIAN province.

Q : Are all the main spare parts of machine are produced by your company ?
A : Yes, all the main spare parts are produced by our company with most advanced processing.

Q : Will your machine be tested and adjusted before the machine delivery ?
A : Yes, we will test and adjust the machine before delivery, also if customer have special fabric demand , we can knit and test it in the machine before machine delivery

Q : Do you have after sales service ?
A : Yes, We have excellent after-sales service, can give quick response, supporting in Chinese, English and Spanish . Video
support is available. We have training center in our factory.

Q : How long does the warranty last ?
A : We offer warranty for about one year after customer received our products.

Q : What are the main applications for the fabrics produced by your machines ?
A : Fabrics knitted by our machines mainly can be used for Garments, Home textile ( like bedding sheet , mattress fabric, carpet), Sports fabric ( like Yoga fabric, diving fabric, sportswear ), Shoe fabric and so on. Also for jacquard machine, the pattern are easily to make by computer without limitation so the fabric can be widely used .

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