Infrared Spa Capsule Warm Steam 2022 New Sensory Deprivation Tank Spa Capsule Floating Spa Whitening Capsule

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Warm Steam Capsule Ozone Sterlizer Spa Capsule Oxygen Chamber Spa Capsule Machine Hydrotherapy Massage Spa Pod Capsule

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 Detoxifying   & Slimming  Package

Steam  care time:  20-30  minutes

Temperature:   50-70℃

1.POWER  light:power   indicator  light(red   light)

2.RUN  light:work  indicator   light  will be on  when

far infrared   red  therapeutic   capsule   can be used  for

the power  is on,  glints   quickly  when  playing

music,glints   slowly  when  having  a pause..(green   light)

3. Prev  key:choose    previous   song;

detoxifying,    reducing  body  fat,  energizing.   It  is simply  and

naturally   rising  to the  top of  health  regime  requirements.    The  far

infrared   red emits  FIR  energy  that  is absorbed   by human  cells,

causing  a physical   phenomenon   called“resonance  ”. Thus the

cellular   activities   are instantly   invigorated,    resulting   in a better

blood  circulation   and  anoverall   improved   metabolism.

4. Next   key:choose    a song;

5. Play/Pause     key:pressing    one  time  means   to change   from  play  to

pause,   or from  pause  to  play.

6. Vol+  key:volume     up,press   this  key  continuously.

7. Vol-  key:volume     down,press   this  key  continuously.



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