Dip Alkaline cleaner IC-TPO , metal stain remover, industrial degreaser suppliers

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Product Overview


Alkaline base cleaner, metal stain removal,  industrial degreaser

Product Description



IC-TPO degreasing agent

IC-TPO degreasing agent is a kind of advanced degreaser with strong capability of decontamination, dispersion, penetration. The product was made by a variety of surfactants and additives. It is be suitable for the degreasing cleaning of fitness equipment, home appliances, automobiles, and other steel products in phosphating, electroplating, blacking and other pre-treatment process. Degreasing effect is outstanding. There are many advantages, such as low-temperature using, saving energy, decontamination capability, easy to operate and manage, short time of degreasing, and so on.


Technical indicator


1.Physical and chemical property

            Appearance:  white powder

Temperature:  25~55 degree

Treatment time:10~20min(can be determined by steel degreasing situation)

Concentration:30~50kg/Ton(According to material grease condition)

Free alkalinity:14~19PT(3% aqueous solution)

               25~30PT(5% aqueous solution)





2. Preparation methods (1 ton)

2.1 Adding water to sink with 90 % of the capacity of sink.

2.2 IC-TPO of 30 to 50 kg is dissolved in a small amount of water, and then pour it slowly to sink and stirring.

2.3 Add water to 1 ton, and stir evenly.

2.4 Heat to the temperature required, and confirm free alkalinity of working liquid.

2.5 The quantity of IC-TPO degreasing agent can be improved properly for the parts with heavier oil stain.


Product Uses


3. Detection method

     Take 10 ml degreasing fluid to the conical flask, and add 50 ml distilled water and phenolphthalein indicator of 2 to 3drops. Titrate above-mentioned solution by 0.1 N  H2SO4 standard solution from red to achromatic color. The quantity (ml) of 0.1 N  H2SO4  is called the points of free alkalinity.

4. Additions and adjustments (1 ton)

When free alkalinity is below 14, add IC-TPO degreasing agent.

Generally, IC-TPO of 2.5 kg /ton can improve about one free alkalinity.

5. Package

  White power, 25 kg / woven bag.





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