NN3009 TBKR Double row cylindrical roller bearing NN3009TBKR

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NN3009 TBKR Double row cylindrical roller bearing NN3009TBKR 
 Double row cylindrical roller bearings NN3009TBKR are manufactured as standard in the NN series.


Double row cylindrical rollerearing NN3009TBKR have three integral flanges on the inner ring and no flanges on the outer ring, so that bearing NN3009TBKR can provide a unique balance between load carrying capacity, rigidity and speed. They are therefore typically used as the non-tool end bearing in machine tool spindles.

 Detailed imiges of cylindrical roller bearing NN3009TBKR
NN double row 4 
NN double row 2
  NN double row 3
Part of bearing model list  for cylindrical roller bearing NN 30 series
Principal dimensionsBasic load ratingsAttainable speedsDesignation
 dynamicstaticGrease lubricationOil-air lubrication 
mm  kN r/min -
25471626301900022000NN 3005 K/SP
30551930,837,51700019000NN 3006 KTN/SP
35622039,1501400016000NN 3007 K/SP
40682142,9561300015000NN 3008 KTN/SP
45752350,165,51200014000NN 3009 KTN/SP
50802352,873,51100013000NN 3010 KTN/SP
55902669,396,51000012000NN 3011 KTN/SP
60952673,7106950011000NN 3012 KTN/SP
651002676,5116900010000NN 3013 KTN/SP
701103096,815080009000NN 3014 KTN/SP
751153096,815075008500NN 3015 KTN/SP
801253411918670008000NN 3016 KTN/SP
851303412520467007500NN 3017 KTN9/SP
901403713821663007000NN 3018 KTN9/SP
951453714223260006700NN 3019 KTN9/SP
1001503715125056006300NN 3020 KTN9/SP
1051604119030553006000NN 3021 KTN9/SP
1101704522036050005600NN 3022 KTN9/SP
1201804622939048005300NN 3024 KTN9/SP
1302005229250043004800NN 3026 KTN9/SP
1402105329752040004500NN 3028 K/SPW33
1502255633057038004300NN 3030 K/SPW33
1602406036965536004000NN 3032 K/SPW33
1702606745781532003600NN 3034 K/SPW33
18028074561100030003400NN 3036 K/SPW33
19029075594108028003200NN 3038 K/SPW33
20031082644114026003000NN 3040 K/SPW33
22034090809146024002800NN 3044 K/SPW33
24036092842156022002600NN 3048 K/SPW33
2604001041020193020002400NN 3052 K/SPW33
2804201061080208019002200NN 3056 K/SPW33
3004601181250240017001900NN 3060 K/SPW33
3204801211320260016001800NN 3064 K/SPW33
3405201331650325014001600NN 3068 K/SPW33
3605401341720345013001500NN 3072 K/SPW33
3805601351680345013001500NN 3076 K/SPW33
4006001482160450012001400NN 3080 K/SPW33
4206201502120450011001300NN 3084 K/SPW33
4606801632600550010001200NN 3092 K/SPW33
25471626301900022000NN 3005/SP
30551930,837,51700019000NN 3006 TN/SP
35622039,1501400016000NN 3007/SP
40682142,9561300015000NN 3008 TN/SP
45752350,165,51200014000NN 3009 TN/SP
50802352,873,51100013000NN 3010 TN/SP
55902669,396,51000012000NN 3011 TN/SP
60952673,7106950011000NN 3012 TN/SP
651002676,5116900010000NN 3013 TN/SP
701103096,815080009000NN 3014 TN/SP
751153096,815075008500NN 3015 TN/SP
801253411918670008000NN 3016 TN/SP
851303412520467007500NN 3017 TN9/SP
901403713821663007000NN 3018 TN9/SP
951453714223260006700NN 3019 TN9/SP
1001503715125056006300NN 3020 TN9/SP
1051604119030553006000NN 3021 TN9/SP
1101704522036050005600NN 3022 TN9/SP
1201804622939048005300NN 3024 TN9/SP
1302005229250043004800NN 3026 TN9/SP
Packing of cylindrical roller bearing NN3009TBKR
packing+picturePacking 1
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