Alkaline Electrolytic Cell Electrolysis Tank Electrolyser

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Introduction
The HEPHIS electrode set is used to electrolyze salt water or seawater to produce sodium hypochlorite solution.
The chlorine production capacity ranges 50g/hr-10000g/hr per single electrolytic cell.
The cathode and anode base materials all use pure titanium materials.
The anode uses 20nm ruthenium iridium oxide coated.
The electrolyzers use pure PMMA material and can withstand the pressure of 4 Bar.
The service life of the electrode is 3+Years or 5+ years.

Our Advantages

Electrolyzer for electrolyzed brine sodium hypochlorite generator
Available Chlorine Capacity :1000g/hr
Available Chlorine Concentration: 8000ppm
Brine Concentration: 3%
Current Density: 800A/m2

About The Mandatory Destruction Test Life
The life of the anode Mandatory Destruction test is the core indicator of the future life of the electrode.
Its test conditions:
1. Electrolyte: 0.5mol H2SO4 solution.
2. Current density: 20000A/ m2.
3. 38-42℃ elctrolyte Temperature.
Let the electrode work continuously under this solution and current density condition until the electrode fails.
This failure time is the mandatory destruction test life.
HEHPIS electrodes are Model A and Model B.
Life span of Model A: 100+ Hours For 3+ Years Guarantee Period.
Life span of Model B: 180+ Hours For 5+ Years Guarantee Period.

Product Paramenters

Core Technical Indicators
Cell Material 
Electrode Base Material 
Pure Titanium
Electrode Thickness
1.5mm(Other Thickness Can Be Customized)
Distance Between Plates 
1.8mm(Other Distances Can Be Customized)
 Anode Coating 
20nm Ruthenium Iridium Oxide
Model A Service Life
3+ Years
Model B Service Life
5+ Years
Withstand Pressure 
4 Bar
Current Density 
Operating Voltage
Electrolyte Salinity 
2.5-3% Saltwater  or Seawater
Electrolyte Temperature
Chlorine Evolution Potential
Less than 1.132VDC

The Ordering Process
1. Please inform the Capacity/Size/Installation requirements of the electrolytic cell you want, and we will design the drawing for you.
2. Quotation.
3. Your company confirm our quotation reasonable.
4. Negotiation details.
5. Orders and pay.
6. Drawing the picture and production.

Company Information

HEPHIS Aqua-Tech is specialized Fluid System Manufacturer in China.
HEPHIS is a brand from Germany, having 45 years of R&D and manufacturing experience.
We produce the most advanced technology products with stable quality.
We always only 5% of Profit ,So the price of our products are more cost-effective.
We have passed ISO9001-2015,ISO14001-2004,OHSAS18001-2011,CE,RoHs certifications to ensure the quality of products.
HEPHIS----Your Sincere Partner From China.

Shipping & Payment

Trade Assurance Order
◆ The Trade Assurance order is a guarantee for buyer by Alibaba.
◆ The order by the Alibaba link is Trade Assurance order.
◆ The Order Less than $50,000,please use the Trade Assurance order.

◆ The products will be tested stricly one by one before delivery.
◆ Germany production processes and quality standards to guarantee the good quality.
◆ The warranty period is 12 months from shipping.
◆ Please help us to find out the problem, and we will offer free components for service.
◆ All products will be well packaged and will not be damaged in transit.


1. What capacity of HEPHIS Electrolyzer ?
50g/hr-10000g/hr with one cell.
2.What is the quality of HEPHIS electrolyzers?
We will take samples of each batch of electrodes to test its forced failure life to ensure that it is great.
3.Can I customize electrolyzers with special sizes?
Yes, we can design drawings according to your requirements and produce them after confirmation.
4.Can I customize electrodes with longer life?
Yes, we can get a longer service life by increasing the number of ruthenium-iridium coatings and optimizing the formula.
5.Can you provide me with the matching DC electrolytic power?
Yes, we have all models of high-quality electrolysis power supplies for the electrolysis cells.
6. Is my money safe to pay with the Trade Assurance order?
Yes Sure, the Money is guaranteed by Alibaba, Like Amazon/eBay.
7. How long is the lead time?
Within 7-15 days, all electrodes will be customized, but we have professional production equipment that can quickly produce them for you.
8. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
HEPHIS has 40+ years of fluid experience, we have perfect automatic factory and R&D teams.
9. Is the HEPHIS brand from Europe?
HEPHIS is a Germany brand registered in 1976.

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