Circuit board electronic component M106-11 auo ic good price

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Shenzhen chipguest Electronics Co. Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, the most powerful city in China. It was established in 2006 and has a history of 14 years. We can provide world-famous brand electronic components and connector battery related products. We can also recommend high-quality Chinese alternatives for customers, the prices are often far cheaper than that of Digkey and Mouser, Especially connectors and modules, which are often only half the price of competing products or even cheaper.

The company has advanced PLM, E​​RP, SCM, CRM management systems to ensure that our customers have no worries in the process of product consultation, procurement, ordering, and use! In addition, the company has independent import and export rights.All products are tested by a systematic quality control system professional third-party testing institutions help us to strengthen quality control and testing services is available for client. 

Company mission and philosophy: quality assurance, competitive prices, professional and efficient services. Hope to serve you with our experience, professional ability and abundant resources. Looking forward to your consultation, common development and cooperation.

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1. Ask: Whether all products you sale are new and original?
Answer: Yes, we only sale product new and original, we promise we will compensate you ten times if one of our product is fake.

2. Ask: Whether your products are in stock?
Answer: We sell procuct in stock mainly, all of our products will be able to deliver within three days.

3. Ask: Can you provide PCB and SMT service?
Answer: Yes, we can provide the PCB and PCB assembly services.

4. Ask: What logistics company do you use Generally, if your prices is advantages?
Answer: We cooperate with several major logistic companys.and we have VIP account. Normally about half of the official price.

5. Ask: What payment methods can you accept?
Answer: VIS .PAYPAL, MASTERCARD , TT, wester union, trade guarantee of Alibaba and so on.

6. Ask: How do you control the product quality?
Answer: All our products are purchasing from the formal channels, and we have a special quality inspection departments, We have a quality laboratory that responsible for the detection and control of product quality, ensure that out of the goods quality is no problem.

7. Ask: How long will your product warranty?
Answer:We have quality guarantee 90 days.

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