ZYTT brand automatic textile dyeing machine for fishing net with PLC

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Brief Introduction
The product is mainly suitable for dyeing, boiling, bleaching, cleaning and other processes of Hank and bobbin yarn of cotton, wool, hemp, polyester cotton, polyester and other natural fibers and their blended fabrics.

Machine Specification & Advantages

main batch and open flange 321 stainless steel
equipped with 2 sets loose type carriers(φ1650*1600)
Carrier fasten type
fasten with main batch by screwing
Max variation temperature
System of opening and closing
air cylinder
Size of reserve batch
Diameter 750MM, Height 650MM
Motor power
Main pump
high flow, high pressure centrifugal water pump

Advantage 1
Excellent mixed flow pump with high efficiency and high cavitation resistance. The positive and negative circulation of the dyeing solution is automatically completed through the reversing valve in the pump. The impeller in the pump can provide large flow and sufficient lift coefficient for the yarn dyeing process. It has strong penetration, is suitable for dyeing highly difficult fabrics, has high color fastness, has good leveling effect, and is suitable for dyeing a variety of fabrics.
Advantage 2
The machine also has the dyeing function of zipper, buckle belt, flower belt and other fabrics. It can be described as a multi-purpose machine. It meets the bleaching and dyeing process requirements for fabrics, has wide applicability and good dyeing color luminosity.
Advantage 3
High degree of automation, good process repeatability and convenient operation: because the machine is equipped with computer control, the dyeing operation process is automated and the human factors caused by manual operation are reduced. The dyeing process runs completely according to the process requirements, and all functions and instructions are controlled by the electrical system program, so as to make the process repeatable and reduce the cylinder difference.

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