Quaternary ammonium alkali chemicals Betaine Hydrochloride CAS 590-46-5

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Name
Betaine HCL
Betaine hydrochloride; 1-Carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium chloride; BETAINE CHLORIDE; Achyin; Achylin; Acidin; Acidine; ACIDOL
; Acinorm; BET HCL; betain hydrochloride; betainium chloride; carboxymethyl-trimethyl-ammonium chloride; Lycine hydrochloride;
Lycine HCL; Glycine betaine hydrochloride
Molecular formula
Molecular Weight
1.00 g/mL at 20 °C
Water Solubility
64.7 g/100 mL (25 ºC)
Features and benefits
A component of natural moisturizing Factor that naturally exists in organism tissues; A superior moisturizer with fresh handfeel
and rapid skin permeability; Brings skin and hair with moist feeling, increases the smoothness of hair; Protects hair from the
injury caused by chemical treatments(cold perm, bleaching, hair gel)
Moisturizing agent, anti-irritant agent, anti-wrinkle agent, anti-ageing agent; Used in basic cosmetics, toner, lotion, cream,
face cleanser and hair products as well as medicine, dental materials, health food, diet food, etc.
White crystalline powder
Light characteristic
Loss on drying
Residue on ignition
Total bacteria
Yeast and mold
Recommended use levels
Use method
Add into aqueous phase directly, resists high temperature, can involve in homogeneous emulsification process.
Store at room temperature, keep sealed and away from light
Shelf life
Two years

Company Profile

Gorgels Applitech Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2013
 Gorgels Applitech Co., Ltd.Is a China-based chemicals supplier & trusted partner. Founded by Mr. Hunter Guo in 2013, we mainly deal with personal care products such as preservatives, sun-screen agents and multi-functional ingredients, fine chemicals etc. Our products have been suppling to many countries and areas like India, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany etc. Majority of our staff are Chemistry or International Trade background, for this reason, our professional services are recognized and applauded by more and more esteemed customers.

Our Factory

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Packaging and logistics


Q There is no any quality claim after sale, how do you make it?
A 1. Our staff are all experienced and with chemistry related major background, they will study and confirm what EXACT PRODUCT YOU NEED!
2. Free sample or Pre-shipment sample are available for NEW Project of NEW customers before commercial purchasing.
3. Third Party Inspection like SGS can be arranged according to requirement.
4. On-Spot QC in our APPROVED associated production bases with necessary certification like GMP, ISO etc.
5. Routine PLANT AUDIT by techniques from us or customers.

Q How can you guarantee the quality we receive is same as the sample or specification?
A 1. Third Party like CIQ, SGS inspection before shipment upon request.
2. In Case of PSS we will hold the cargo
until approval from customer side.
3. We have clear and detailed quality clause in contract with manufacturer, if any discrepancy of quality/quantity, they will take responsibility.

Q I put order and pay to you, how do you pack and deliver my cargo to me?
A We have strict training process about SOP of Packing and Shipping. Detailed SOP profile is available for different mode like Safe Cargo and Dangerous Cargo by Sea, Air, Van or even Express Shipment.

Q How to do if my cargo fell into the sea?
A That won’t happen. Haha. If that happened, you are very lucky, you can claim a big money with the Insurance Company, we always put Insurance on half of you before shipment.

Q I need the material urgently, hurry! Hurry!ok?
A Let’s pray you will receive the cargo in a wink.Joking! Don’t worry, Fast and On-time delivery are
the key concerns in our mind. We always book shipment through reputed liner even their charge are higher to us.

Q Will your company be missing after we pay you in advance?
A We do chemicals in life! We will never get missing.

Q Is there a solution? That our payment are safe, and shipment proceed on time?
A You can use Trade Assurance Service by Alibaba Group. Pls refer to the link for more information.

Q We don’t know you at all, how can we trust you?
A You are always warm welcomed to visit us at any time. Before we start B2B, Alibaba has audited our company on-spot and approved our credit. Commitment is the No.1 Point of our Enterprise’s Value.

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