Milk Replacer Powder for Animal Goats Lamb Calf Regulate Intestinal Microecological Balance Increase Appetite

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Animal Use Milk Powder
1. Milk replacer for Suckling pig, calf, lamb, puppies, kittens and pup’s malnutrition and slow growth caused by female’s less breast milk . Added enough milk, and improve the growth speed of the pup.

2.This product can adjust the PH of the intestinal effectively ,regulating intestinal microecological balance, increase the appetite, inhibiting intestinal bacteria, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea.

3.For primary weak young , it can improve the pup’s habitus and improve immunity and survival rate effectively.

4.Enhance the stress reaction of the pups’. Instead of milk,it can reduce the physical damage to the sow when using it in hot weather.
Apply to
25kg/bag or as per customers' request
milk powder, soybean meal, Whey protein, lecithin,multivitamins,
compound enzyme,calcium phosphate,calcium lactate,Aspartame,
Lactic Acid Bacteria bacteriocin,Secret ingredient
1000 kg
Shelf life
2 years

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Henan Miracle Biotech Co., LTD are specialized in animal health treatments and animal health care products’ production, research and development, technology, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Products are sold to domestic and overseas.
We put forward the new idea of "prevention first, green farming", “Care animal health, contribute to human” is always our values. Henan Miracle Biotech Co., LT is on mission of “ Focus on animal husbandry, rich China and benefit mankind”, with the purpose of “ good products, escort the breeding develop healthly” . High-tech formula, concept of green environmental products, servicing the breeding.
Since 2012, we actively explore overseas markets, and relying on their advanced management experience and excellent product quality are acclaimed at home and abroad by customers, achieved good export performance. At present, the company products have been exported to more than 20 countries including neighbouring Asian countries, Europe, Middle East, west Africa, South America and so on.

Why Choose Us?
1.We have more than 10 years export experience of animal health products,have been exported to more than 20 countries,some of our regular customers have been cooperated with us for more than 7 years.
2.Various kinds of animal health products and various kinds of package for your choice,ODM and OEM service are supplied.
3.Ensure all products quality.Our products could accept any third-party inspection.
4.Professional pre-sale and after-sale service.Customers’ problems are resolved in a timely and reasonable manner.Since the establishment of the company, there are no complaints.

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