Rice Stone Removing Separating Cleaning Machine Paddy Rice Destoner Machine

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Wheat Stone Removing Machine Destoner Grain Paddy Rice Destoner



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Introduction of rice destoning machine

The stone remover is composed of a feed suction device, a storage hopper, a suction hood, a screen body, an eccentric transmission, a shaking mechanism, a frame and other parts. The joints of the reciprocating shaking mechanism of the machine adopt rubber bearings. There is no gap between the rubber bearing and the shaft and hole, and the elastic torsion swing of the rubber bearing is used.
Rubber bearings are durable and can absorb vibration. The machine moves smoothly, is firm and reliable, has low vibration and low noise. The top of the stone removal sieve is sucked without dust, and a larger suction hood and suction port are used. The negative pressure on the stone removal sieve is similar in size, and the wind passing through the stone removal sieve is even.
Equipped with a fan, the air volume is easy to adjust and the range is large.
This machine can effectively remove the impurities in the material, moldy and rotten particles, moth-eaten grains, smut grains, shabby grains, bud grains, large and heavy impurities, small and heavy impurities, dust, etc. It is widely used in the cleaning and processing of crop seeds and morphological grass seeds such as corn, wheat, rice, cassia seeds, soybeans, vegetables, etc., such as forage seeds, horticultural seeds, and forest seeds.




Our machine is a kind of combine cleaning machine. It can clean big impurities by means of a large holes screen, clean small impurities by means of small holes screen, and clean simultaneous stones by a convex screen. It is an ideal cleaning machine for all kinds of grains such as wheat, rice, maize and so on (For different kinds of grains, the screens are different. Please advise us of the grains name in advance if you buy.). It is also suitable for equipping with complete milling lines.




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Rice destoning machine















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