EASETRIP High Quality Chinese Q version Silk Human History Three Kingdoms Theme Handmade Opeara Doll

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The reason people like chinese doll style
1.The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, one of the four great Classics in China, describes the history of nearly a hundred years from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the beginning of the Western Jin Dynasty, reflecting the political and military struggles and the infiltration and transformation of various social contradictions in The Three Kingdoms era.
2. Since ancient times, Zhuge Liang has been widely commented by people, deeply loved by people, out of the hut he assisted the weak Liu Bei to become king hegemony, loyal to his own strategy, for the kingdom of Shu struggle for a piece of the world. Many people admired him for his intelligence and constancy.
3. Peking Opera dolls are colorful and colorful. Can let more people like to choose.
4. Peking Opera is a summary of art, culture and cultivation, which is liked by more art writers

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Chinese doll
Gypsum spun silk
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