Compressor Conditioning Universal Invisible Running Battery Powered DC 12v 12 Volt Electric Air Conditioner For Cars Car

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Product Overview


Product Description

Air flow
480-600 mc/h
DC 12V/24V
Operating temperature
White,red and customized
Cooling Capacity
HFC134a Environment Friendly
Temperature seting
Fit for
Truck, van, RV, mini bus
Assemble kit
Assemble localtion
Engine hood/Bumper
Optional Compressor Type 

More Details

Invisible running AC can connect to original evaporator.
Connect these parts to original AC, the new AC will work while car running and parking.
This set AC consumes electricity instead of taking power from engine.

4th Generation Compressor
New generation compressor perform stronger and more efficient,while equipped with air purification and humidification function.
Construction Level ABS Shroud with heat emission holes and guiding gutters
Construction Level ABS cover is stronger and lighter than traditional materials, providing better protection. The heat emission
holes are located properly and will make sure the unit perform better.The guiding gutters are designed inside the unit, ensuring
the unit waterproof. No concern is needed even in the raining days.
Condenser and Fan
The fan was designed according to aerodynamics and works more efficiently to provide more cool air under the same power output.
The 3rd Generation condenser will accelerate the cooling process, saving 20% energy during the heat exchange,

This type fits for trucks, vans,RVs and mini buses.
It's a universal type and can be easily installed.

Lab and test

Environment Simulation Laboratory for Vehicles
Comparison Test/Limit Comparison Test is run to asses refrigeration and heating effect under different air-conditioning systems
Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
To perform cold heat and humidity test, cold resistance test, thermal cycling test, ultra low temperature test and high
temperature test for auto air conditioner’s parts.

Why it?

Easy Installation
Standard interior trim panel, seal strip and power cord screws. Installation can be done in an hour
 Rapid Cooling
Supported by strong compressor and high power condenser, refrigeration will be shortened to seconds.
 Noiseless Mode
The excellent compressor will keep the noise down under 35-40 dB.
 Remote Control
Equipped with a control panel and a remote control, it allows you to adjust the temperature anywhere in the vehicle.
 PM2.5 Air Filtering System
The ventilation system and filtering system will keep fresh air in and PM2.5 , smog and dust away.
 Upgraded Electric Compressor
4th Generation compressor, inheriting great quality and performs better. Rotor and scroll compressor for option.
 High Efficient Condenser
3rd Generation condenser will do faster heat dissipation and work efficiently.
 Intelligent Control System
The intelligent system will manage the equipment according to the battery’s condition, starting low voltage protection mode in time.

Cooperated Brands
Products, including air conditioners, heaters, filters and generators, fit for these brands have been developed. New cooling and heating solutions will be launched.

Company Profile

Quality, responsibility and innovation, have always been what Dezhou Sino Air Conditioner Equipment Co., LTD pursues. With standard workshops over 35,000 square meters, our factory covers an area of 80 acres. Concentrating on automotive air treatment, we manufacture air conditioners, heaters, filters, generators and so on, more than 50 types.

Treat quality like treating our own life. To ensure quality, we are equipped with a complete set of advanced equipments, including Swiss CNC machining equipment, Japanese turning-milling composite processing equipment, German CNC grinder, Japanese three-coordinate measuring machine, ect. Meanwhile advanced automotive electric air conditioning system environment simulation laboratories have been established. All products will go through 100% test according to ISO9001 and CE standard before going to market.

Being responsible is a basic requirement for every member in Sino Air.We are dedicated to customers' satisfaction and our business. From first time consulting, placing order, production management, shipment to after sale service, all details will be seriously taken by our team members.

Innovation witnesses our unceasing efforts. Our research and development team have been and will keep seeking to improving our products and designing new ones. New products will be launched every couple of months, showing the best appearance and most reliable function, leading the trend of the industry.

Production Process

01 Key parts production
02 Incoming Quality Control
03 Assemble Lines

04 Outgoing Quality Control
05 Packaging
06 Storage

Packing & Delivery

Products will be well packed and delivered by the method you choose.

Do you know this?

ROOFTOP version
The condenser is installed on cabin’s roof, while the evaporator inside.

BACK version
The condenser in installed on the rear wall of the cabin, the evaporator is inside.


1. How many hours can the unit work?
For 400Ah battery, it can work around 8-10 hours at night, around 6-8 hours in the day because it’s hotter during the day and you may adopt the strong wind mode.

2. How loud is it?

It is under 50dB, it won't create loud noise.

3. Does this unit comes with interior control panel and remote? Is this a complete unit?

Yes, it is a complete unit with control panel and remote.

4. Is the unit fully self-contained? Or does it require compressor connecting as well?

The unit is fully self-contained.

5. What all else besides unit would i need to purchase in order for unit to function properly?

Nothing else. You will need a minimum of 100amps battery to run the unit.

6. Do you have installation video?

Yes. It takes around 1 hour to install a unit.

How to get the products?

Suggestions will be provided, and questions will be answered, related to the suitable mode you need, delivery time, payment and others.
Order confirmation and Production
Once order confirmed, we will put it into our production plan. You will be updated the details about it.
Delivery and after service
The delivery details will be provided and you can follow the delivery status. Once you get the products, your feedback will be appreciated and awarded, and our after service team will take over and follow this order.

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