Chinese Manufacturer Industrial Online Flue Infrared Gas Monitor Gas Monitoring for SO2,NO,CO,CO2,O2

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Product Description

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Gasboard 3000Plus is designed with world-leading micro-flow infrared sensor, is able to measure continuously simultaneously concentration of CO,CO2,SO2,NO,especially for lower range measurement. It is an ideal solution for monitoring in fields of boiler, power plant, combustion efficiency monitoring for various industrial furnaces or refuse incinerator, process and security monitoring.

Measurement Components
Measurement Technology
SO2/NO/CO:Micro-flow NDIR; CO2:NDIR; O2:ECD
Measurement Range
SO2/NO:(0-200)ppm; CO:(500-5000)ppm; CO2/O2:(0~25)%
SO2/NO:1ppm; CO:1ppm; CO2/O2:0.01%
Response time
Flow rate
Power Supply

• With self-diagnosis function, can check the sensor status online
• Built in zeroing Pump to achieve auto-zeroing in air

Product Features

1.PCT approved product based on micro-flow NDIR technology to measure low concentration gases. (US Authorization No.:US11079322).
2.Adopting micro-flow NDIR gas sensor technology, higher precision and longer life time.
3.Monitoring the lower range of SO2, NO, CO,CO2 within 200ppm.
4.No cross interference between measurement gases.
5.Diagnostic function can check sensor status.
6.Sampling flow rate fluctuations have no effect on the measurement results.
7.Accurate measurement of low concentration gas.
8.Built-in pump to achieve automatic zeroing.
9.Real-time continuous monitoring concentration of SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2 , measurement component is optional.
10.LCD (320*240) display.
11.Digital and analog signal output.

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Greenhouse Gas Emission Analyzer Gasboard-3000GHG
Cubic-Ruiyi (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cubic sensor) independently developed Gasboard 3000GHG greenhouse gas emission analyzer.
Adoptting the independent intellectual property rights of Micro flow NDIR dual-chamber sensor technology (international PCT patent PCT/CN2018100767), Cubic-Ruiyi portable greenhouse gas emission analyzer Gasboard 3000GHG can accurately measure the greenhouse gases concentration change of CO2, CH4, N2O etc and CO gas in flue gas at the same time.

Product Applications


Company Introduction

Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Cubic-Ruiyi” ) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd.(stock code 688665). Established in 2010, Cubic-Ruiyi is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing gas composition and gas flow measurement solutions in the fields of environmental monitoring, process gas monitoring, and smart metering.
Based on the advantaged of Cubic Sensor core gas sensing technology platform, Cubic-Ruiyi developed a series of gas analyzers with advanced technical principles, such as non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (UV-DOAS) technology, laser Raman (LRD)technology, ultrasonic (Ultrasonic) technology, thermal conductivity (TCD) technology, light scattering detection (LSD) technology and etc. Widely used in environmental monitoring, metallurgy, coal chemical, biomass energy and other industries and play an important role in energy saving and emission reduction.Cubic-Ruiyi independently developed and produced portable infrared biogas analyzer, micro-flow infrared flue gas analyzer, and infrared gas analyzer have successively obtained the national key new product certificate, And the infrared gas analyzer has won the honor of the outstanding product award of the Chinese Instrument and Control Society, and its core technology Won the Hubei Province Invention Patent Gold Award. The “Research and Industrialization of Micro-flow Infrared Flue Gas Sensors” was awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the key “products and processes” one-stop application program demonstration project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019, and Cubic-Ruiyi was awarded the “one-stop” application program demonstration enterprise.
With decade-long dedications in technical innovations, strict quality control and global business strategies, Cubic-Ruiyi products have been exported to many countries and regions, besides, Cubic-Ruiyi is moving towards a higher target to be the international brand in the field of high-end value-added applications of gas analysis instruments.

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