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Product Overview


DSMC Ultrasonic Hot Fix Rhinestone Setting Machine


Product Description


The ultrasonic automatic hot fix rhinestone machine features automatic material feeding on the basis of manual product, thus greatly improving the speed of hot fix rhinestone and reducing the labor intensity of the operator. It is equipped with two feeding plates which are capable of pressing rhinestone of different colors or specification, and the production capacity reaches about 150 rhinestones/minute. This product is mostly suitable for the clothing or leather with referred positions with the amount about 200 rhinestones.

Applicable for : garment factory, shoe factory, boutique/ornaments factory, toy factory, greeting card factory and so on.


Features of automatic rhinestone setting machine:

1. Can fix different kinds of beads with different colors, with a highly improved efficiency, and no damage to the material.


2. Infrared positioning; Positioning accuracy; Sticking firmly 


3. Different material parameter setting is one of the characteristics of this machine, related parameter can be set according to different material to reach the best rhinestone fixing effect


4. Rhinestone fixing simulating function: can do simulating fixing of the chose design, the speed can be slowed down or quicken, and also can be paused


5. Fixing effect testing function: can check the rhinestone fixing effect by moving the fabric manual and do semi-auto fixing


6. A few labor cost can achieve mass production, high production efficiency.


Technical parameters of hot fix rhinestone machine :


ModelDS-1M150 (1plate)DS-1M150S (2plate)
Production capacity150~200rhinestone/min150~200rhinestone/min
Packing size (cm)60 x 105 x 64114 x 64 x 74

Working theory of ultrasonic hot fix rhinestone setting machine:


Through ultrasonic heating principle, picking up rhinestones by Pneumatic control method. 

At the same time move the material accordingly by hand after the red light locate, then 

the machine will fix rhinestones on the material quickly. Working speed can reach 120-180pcs rhinestones per minute, and will not fall off after being cleaned by water.



Product details:                                                                                        

1. Powerful and durable ultrasonic system

2.Equipped with laser marking light

3. Equipped with new rotation system

4. frame motor : step motor

5. Cylinder : germany fst

6. Heating system: ultrasonic

7. Air pressure: 8KG



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Company Information

Guangzhou Dashanming Machinery Co., Ltd, an industrial enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in the manufacturing ultrasonic hot drilling machine, automatic hot fix  machine, ultrasonic welding machine( fixed position machine),heat press machine(pneumatic, hydraulic, manual), steam press machine, laser cutting machine(carving machine), robot automatic production line, other equipment and related accessories. Further more, we can develop all kinds of non-standard production equipment according to the drawing and requirements from clients.



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