automatic rearing layer equipment layer chicken cages for sale

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Product Overview


Product Description

1000 Dimension Poultry Farm Chicken Layer Cage For Sale In Rwanda

(1)Entirely hot-dipped galvanized material,anti-corrosion,can last for 10-15 years. Entirely plastic coating cage can not be rust forever.
(2)Higher raising density and lower investment.
(3)Automatic manure removal system reduce environmental pollution.
(4)Automatic egg collecting system,save labor cost.
(5)Convenient management,epidemic disease easy controlled.
(6)High labor production efficiency.

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System Introduction

Automatic feeding system

About the automatic feding system,it is well distributed and less consumed in feeding;It can reduce labor intensity and labor costs,but improve the efficiency;It has smooth running ,low noise,but a long lifespan.

Automatic Dinking system

According to the customers' requirements,the front-end part of the drink system can be optionally equipped with the water pressure regulators,filters,smart meters and dosers.

Automatic egg collecting system

Name: Egg collecting plat
Brand: MoTon
Origin: China
Our egg collecting system realize eggs centralized collection, one system could control one or more layers coops, with function to automatic separate soft eggs and hard eggs, protect the eggs from broken egg rate of less than 0.5%, With dust removal function, effectively prevent contamination of eggs, egg transport belts and egg collecting machine System could also counting eggs automatically, realize full automatic chicken coops control, save human labor cost, save time.

Manure removing system

Name: Bliwing Cylinder
Brand: FESTO
Origin: Germany
Use belt type manure cleaning system, clean thoroughly, keep high quality in the poultry house environment;Adopt horizontal and longitudinal manure cleaning system, poultry house has no left manure,air is keeping fresh, manure transfers to the dung carts directly .dung air drying system, cleanand dry and free of contaminants, granular, high economic value.

Intelligent environmental control systems

The cooling pad push the wind into the chicken house and cools the house.The ventilation press out the wind to the outside and eventually the house reach the air convection and then cool the temperture to ensure healthy environment for the chicken.

Product Details

Durable feeder trough

Original PVC material, more anti age and not easy to be broken.

Automatic Drinking System

Stainless steel ball automatic 360 degrees water dispenser.


Hot dipped galvanosed surface treatment, Lifespan up to 15-20 years

Cage Frame

Hot dipped galvanised surface treatment. More anti-rust. The angle bar is thick, wide and very firm.
The frame can be observed in any direction. its easy to maintain.

Packing & Delivery

1:LCL:First packed with plastic film then on
3:Other special package as coustomer requirements.
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Our Service

Pre-Order Services
1. Inquiry and consulting support.
2. Sample order available.
3. View our Factory.
After-Order Services
4.Training how to install the Cage,
5. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


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