Flange check valve DN200 of UPVC irrigation aquaculture swimming pool

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Plastic UPVC check valve flap flange check valve plastic swing check valve product features: (1) High working pressure: the working pressure of various materials can reach 1.0MPa at room temperature (2) Wide application temperature: the application temperature of PPR is -20 ℃ ~+70 ℃; The service temperature of PP is -20 ℃ ~+95 ℃; The service temperature of gfrpp is -20 ℃ ~+120 ℃. (3) Good impact resistance: PPR and gfrpp have high mechanical strength and impact resistance. (4) Small liquid flow resistance: the inner wall of the product is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the conveying efficiency is high. (5) Excellent chemical      DKC_R4_R7FT9TKOI1Y1~_X.png51-52_.jpg53-54_.jpg55-56_.jpg_20220612235007_.jpg_20220612235047_.jpg_20220612235107_.jpg_20220612235118_.jpg

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