Оборудование для проверки строительной техники для испытания бетонных лабораторных материалов

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Product Overview


Product Description


Maximum energy
300 kN
Test force measurement range 
 6-300 kn
Test accuracy

Test speed control range
Size of upper and lower pressure plates
The size of the host

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Company Profile

Jinan Xinguang Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is located in Zhangqiu, which has the reputation of xiaoquancheng. It is an enterprise specializing in the production, manufacture and sales of testing machines. It is a manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in the production of tensile testing machines in China.
At present, the company's main products include electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine, electromagnetic high-frequency fatigue test, compression shear testing machine, static load anchor testing machine, steel strand testing machine, relaxation testing machine, well cover testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, torsion testing machine, ring stiffness testing machine and other products. Have manufacturing license and relevant production qualification.
At present, the company has 120 employees, 32 professional technical scientific research and development personnel who have been engaged in the testing machine industry for many years, CAD computer-aided design system, measurement room, and independent machining workshops (four independent machining workshops. In recent years, several advanced CNC machines and CNC machining centers have been introduced, which can effectively control the quality of products from design to the processing of product parts), It has three professional assembly workshops (electronic universal testing machine workshop, hydraulic universal testing machine workshop and non-standard customized workshop).


1.This testing machine is mainly used for the compressive strength test of cement, which fully meets the requirements of the standard
2 . The testing machine adopts a double column frame structure, the upper pressure plate is installed on the upper fixed beam, and the lower pressure plate is operated by the driving lead screw
Load the sample from bottom to top, and install the AC servo control and transmission system at the lower part of the host. The testing machine adopts
Taiwan Dongyuan AC servo speed regulation system controls the high-precision, high-frequency AC servo motor and drives the precision ball screw pair to carry out the test, which can realize the large-scale adjustment of the test speed (0.01-50mm/min), and the test process is stable and efficient.
3. The LCD controller is used to conduct the test according to the national standards, and independently complete the setting of test parameters, the control of test process, data acquisition, processing, analysis and display in the test process. It can not only realize the single specimen test, but also carry out the group test, and the control and measurement are precise, accurate, fast, convenient and reliable.
4. According to the requirements of customers, the PC can be connected externally to count and process the test data, and then output and print various required test curves and test reports, which can realize the functions of storage, printing and networking, intelligent and flexible.
5 . It has the function of returning to the initial position after the test, which is efficient and fast.
6. It has the limit protection function of working position and overload and overcurrent protection function, which is reliable and safe.

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