Turtle Biogas 3.0 small mini home biogas plant digester fermentation compressor equipment septic tank storage balloon bag system

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Product Overview


Turtle Biogas is a low cost Quick-Install home biogas plant converts food waste and animal waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer.


Brand Name
Turtle Biogas
Turtle Biogas 3.0
System volume
3,000 liter
Digest volume
1,600 Liter
Gas volume
1,400 Liter
Max. Daily Cooking time
3 hours
Max. Daily gas output at 25+ ℃
1,000 liter
Max. Daily liquid fertilizer output 
60 liter
Max. daily food waste input
15 liter
Max. Daily animal waste input
45 liter
Max Gas pressure
20 mbar = 2 KPA ( No need any electric gas pump. )
Safety relief valve open automatically once the gas pressure is overload.
Warranty Period
2 years
Life Span
10+ years

Structure of Turtle Biogas

(1) Fermentation Bag (2) Funnel (3) Sand Bags (4) Overflow Pipe (5) Discharge Pipe

Turtle Biogas System

Packing & Delivery

What will you get from a standard package of Biogas Turtle 3.0 ?
Package Volume: 0.17cbm
Package Weight: 35kg

Update your toilet.

Biogas Toilet 

Manual Model Biogas Toilet
Material : ceramic
OD of inlet pipe : 19 mm
OD of sewage pipe :38 mm
Package size : 450*415*340mm
Weight : 10 KG

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FAQ 1, What's the difference with homebiogas ?
Homebiogas is well-know. If at first glance Turtle Biogas looks a little like Homebiogas, you think Turtle Biogas copied Homebiogas, that's big wrong. In general, both Homebiogas and Turtle Biogas belong to soft biogas digesters.

In terms of design, HomeBiogas is a three-dimensional trapezoidal soft biogas digester, which has separate fermentation bag and separate gas storage bag. The feeding tube is set on the trapezoidal inclined plane, so the feeding tube is inclined and very long.

Turtle Biogas is a reference to the shape of the Turtle. A feeding tube is placed vertically on the head of the Turtle. The feeding hopper is big and the feeding tube is short, so users can easily put organic waste into the biogas tank. The lower part of the turtle's body is for fermentation and the upper part is for gas storage. Of course, the turtle's tail is the discharge pipe and overflow pipe.

We hope that better and better products will come out, cheaper and easier for more people to use biogas.

FAQ 2, How long will it take to install the Turtle Biogas ?
It takes 20 minutes to install the biogas digester. Before installation, please read the instructions and watch the installation video carefully. If you encounter any problems during installation, please contact customer service at WhatsApp :+86 13316595245.

FAQ 3, What is biogas and How do Turtle Biogas ensure safe use of biogas ?
Biogas is a mixture of gases, primarily consisting of methane , carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, produced from organic materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste and food waste.

The Turtle Biogas is equipped with pressure relief valves. When the pressure reaches 2kpa, excessive biogas will leak into the air through the pressure relief valve, which is recommended to be installed outdoors at a height of 2 meters.
Turtle Biogas' gas pipe system is equipped with an automatic drainage valve that automatically drains condensate from the gas pipe. It is avoiding gas pipe clogging by condensate.
Turtle Biogas' gas pipe system is equipped with transparent desulfurizer. When the user sees the desulfurizer pellets turn black, he will replace the pellets in time.

FAQ 4, Is there enough firepower without a gas pump and how many hours cooking daily?
Yes, there is enough firepower without a gas pump.
The maximum gas pressure provided by the Turtle Biogas is 2 KPA, and the minimum gas pressure required by the biogas stove is 0.6 KPA.
In the process of cooking, the gas pressure will be lower and lower, it takes 2 hours from 2KPA to 0.6KPA. Based on user feedback , average cooking time is 2 hours on the weather condition of 25+ ℃.

FAQ 5,How to feed the Turtle Biogas?

Recommend starting the digester with cow dung. After the digester is turned on producing biogas, we can use other organic waste, such as food waste.

A large feed hopper, which is placed vertically on the digester, you can easily drop organic waste into digester.
A seal bar can seal the inlet hopper to avoid the smell and helps pushing waste into the digester.

FAQ 6,How to get liquid organic fertilizer?
The transparent overflow tube helps you see the level of water inside the digester, open the valve to drain excess liquid fertilizer.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Minerva Tech Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Pan Zhongjing in 2021. Mr. Pan has 12 years of experience in the biogas industry and has obtained a number of national patents in the biogas industry. We are developing biogas technology for small home biogas digester and market advanced biogas plant.We are producing and selling small home biogas plant digester, mini biodigester, biogas storage balloon, desulfurizer, biogas stove, biogas generator, biogas rice cooker, biogas lamp, biogas room heater and all kinds of biogas equipment appliance accessories.
Our mission is to get more people to use a cheap and simple home biogas plant.

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