Experienced Manufacturer Liquid Food Bean Dregs Flaker Rotary Drum Scraper Dryer

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Experienced Manufacturer Liquid Food Bean Dregs Flaker Rotary Drum Scraper Dryer
The rotatary scraper roller drying machine is a kind of rotating continuous drying equipment with internal heating conducting-style. Certain thickness of materials film attach to the drum from material liquid vessel under the drum. Heat is
transferred to the internal wall of the cylinder through pipes and then to the external wall and to materials film, to evaporate the moisture in materials film so as to dry materials. Dried products are then scraped off by the blade fitted on the surface of the cylinder, fall down to the spiral conveyor under the paddle, and are conveyed, collected and packed.


Single drum type
Double drum type
Multi-rolls type

1. High thermal efficiency. The principle of heat transfer of rotary dryer is heat conduction which heat conducting direction
keeps identical with operation cycle. Except cap heat dissipation and radiation loss, all heat energy can be used for evaporating wet materials on the wall of roller. Thermal efficiency could reach 80%-90%.
2. Large operation elasticity and wide application. Various drying factors of the rotary drier can be adjusted, such as density of feeding materials, thickness of materials film, temperature of heating medium, rotating speed of roller etc, which can change drying speed. As these factors have no interrelations with each other, it brings great convenient to dry operation, and makes it applicable to suit various materials and to meet different requirement of production.
3. Short drying period. The drying period of material is normally 10 to 15 seconds, so it is suitable for heat-sensitive material.It can be also working under less pressure condition if it is put in vacuum device.
4. Drying rate is very quick. As material film coated on the wall of roller is very thin. Normally thickness is 0.3-1.5 mm, plus
heat and mass transfer direction are identical, the evaporation capacity on the surface of film can keep at 15-70kg.H2O/m2.h.

Working Principle

The rotary drum scraper dryer is a kind of internal heating conduction rotary continuous drying equipment.Rotating drum through its lower trough, adhered to a thickness of material film, heat through the pipe to the drum wall, conduction to the drum wall, and then conduction to the material film, so that the moisture in the material film evaporation, dehumidification, wet materials are dry.The dry material is shoveled away from the drum by the scraper on the surface of the drum, to the screw conveyor below the scraper, and the dry material is concentrated and packaged through the screw conveyor.

Product Parameters

Below is our technical parameter, feel free to contact us for help to select the suitable model for you!

Application Scope
It is suitable for the drying of liquid viscous materials in chemical, dyestuff, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, yeast and other industries. Widely used in: rice flour, oatmeal, starch, potato powder and other dried products into flake, powder and granule.

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Company Profile

LIAOYANG WINTECH INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD, takes Centrifugal Filter Equipment and Drying Equipment processing and manufacturing as the main industry, main products are Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge, Disc Centrifuge, Tubular Centrifuge, Flat Series Centrifuge, CO2 Supercritical Extraction Equipment, Spray Dryer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Drying Oven, Drum Dryer and corresponding supporting equipment, eg. food line, pharmaceutical line, chemical line. At the same time, to undertake standards and non-standard products. Our equipment is exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries, and has been praised by foreign customers.

Our company has professional engineers with strong new product development ability, and can develop equipment products according to the actual needs of customers. Our company has ISO 9001 certification, CE certification and other relevant authoritative parts of professional identification and recognition. At the same time, facing the fierce market competition, our company is relying on its own advantages, integrating external resources, optimizing internal management, constantly exploring and innovating, and striding forward in the direction of business specialization and diversification. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of quality and service, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and services for new and old customers to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent. Serve customers, achieve customers, sincerely look forward to cooperating with new and old customers to create a better future.

Our company follows strict quality controls and various systematic procedures. We take utmost care of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.Our research and development wing is our asset that develops and incorporates innovative ideas and products. Our Team is full of experienced and qualified professionals, who have sound knowledge about the quality of our medical machinery.

We sincerely invite you to be our long term relationship friend , and we always prepared to provide our best services for you and would like you to know below we want to present :

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff.
2. 12 months warranty + 100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
3. Overseas services provided. Technicians can be sent to spot for guiding the installation and debugging. Training operators and accomplish the commissioning.
4. Consultant services for whole machine life, 24 hours technical support by email and phone.When warranty date expired,
lifetime maintenance service is provided and at buyer’s cost.


1. What data is required to confirm the model?
(1) Materials to be dried (2) Treatment capacity per hour (3) Moisture requirements before and after drying (4)Heating
source(electricity/ gas/ thermal oil, etc)
2. What certificates do you have?
We can provide CE, ISO 9001, etc.
3. What is the warranty period of the equipment?
Normally 1 year warranty.
4. Can we visit your factory?
Sure, we sincerely invite you to visit, if it's not convenient for you, you can visit our factory and solve problems through
video conference.
5. Can we bring our own materials to your factory for experiments?
Sure, you are welcome at any time. We will arrange professional engineers and technicians to do experiments and analyze data for you on site.
6. Can it be customized?
No problem, our equipment can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.
7. How long is the construction period?
It's about 30 days, but it also needs to be determined according to the specific equipment model, order number, etc., But if you need it urgently, please let us know, we can arrange the factory to rush production.
8. Will you provide installation services?
If you need, we can arrange professional technicians and engineers to install and debug on site.

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