BLDC 12V DC Motor 24V Worm Gearbox 8-470RPM High Torque Motor 2.5-60KG Reverse Gearbox Self Lock 5840-3650

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Product Overview






Wiring method


Black line:Connect the power supply negative
Red line:Connect the power supply positive
White line:CW / CCW conversion, white line connected black line, the direction will change
Yellow line:FG signal line output Hall signal, the basic pulse circle 6
Blue line:PWM pulse width control line can be connected to 0-5V pulse width adjustment

Blue line connected to the power supply negative, the motor immediately brake.




Compared with other motors, this motor has the followingadvantages.

1) There is a encoder inside the motor, the encoder inside the motor will be more secure, not easy to damage, the connection line is a yellow line.
2) The blue line is connected with the microcontroller unit to adjust the speed so there is no need to purchase the speed controller again, if you do not have a microcontroller unit, you need to purchase the speed controller

3)High power, high efficiency, long life, low noise, brussless motor,Self-locking brake motor.




We have a remind

1) If the load more than the rated torque, the motor will be damaged.
2) If you connect the voltage less than the rated voltage, the rated torque will be reduced.


If you are using the product normally, the torque does not exceed the rated torque.


Motor life: 10,000 hours
Gearbox life: 2000 hours


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