Высококачественная Высокоэффективная сушильная машина для дерева сушильная печь из алюминиевого сплава сушильное Оборудование для дерева

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Product Overview


Product information

The steam heating wood drying kiln uses circulating steam as a heat source to continuously decompose and evaporate the moisture content and lipids in the materials or products that need to be dried, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning, drying and shaping.
Aluminum Alloy Wood Drying Kiln they have advanced and flexible controlling methods and they are easy for operation. The controlling precisions of temperature, humidity and water content rate are high. They have low power consumption. Drying quality is good and without pollution.


Drying Capacity
Pipe Position
Drying Oven
Drying Room
Axial Flow Fan

Product details

The internal storage space of the aluminum alloy drying kiln is large, which can dry more wood at one time.

Fully automatic PLC control system, easy to operate.

Product advantages

1. Heating evenly: the fan forces the air to circulate, so that the temperature difference between the upper and lower sides of the dryer is small. The unique adjustable air distribution perforated plate, hot air acts on water molecules, so the part with high water content absorbs more hot air power than water content. low part. This is the feature of selective heating, which can be used to achieve uniform heating and uniform drying.
2. Energy saving: The hot air is closed and descended in the drying box, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. The hot air directly acts on the material, so there is no additional heat loss, and the air in the furnace and the corresponding container will not generate heat, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high, and the production environment is also significantly improved.
3. The temperature and humidity in the drying box are automatically controlled to ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity required for drying (including automatic heating, intelligent moisture removal and dehumidification system,)
4. Drying time ladder control, truly automatic management. There is an alarm.
5. Fast drying, large and fast moisture discharge.
6. Using low humidity and constant temperature drying, the products after drying are of high quality and good color.
7. The machine has reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, stable operation, simple use, long service life, low operating cost, and a reasonable source can be selected according to the situation. (Can be customized for electric heating or coal burning, coal and electricity dual use, etc.)

Product application

The wood-specific drying unit can be applied to all furniture and wood balance health preservation, wood intelligent drying, wood veneer drying, wood secondary drying, etc.; it can realize low-cost operation of wood drying, one key to complete the whole process of automatic humidification and drying, the drying cycle of finished products is short, the yield of finished products is high, and the drying process is pollution-free.

There are many types of wood, commonly used wood are:

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Company Profile

Shandong Yimu Zhizao Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturing service provider integrating product R & D, design, production, manufacturing and sales, and the company has the right of independent export trade. The company's main products are: wood drying equipment, food drying equipment, rotary dryer and other drying equipment, as well as magnetic separation, crushing and other mining machinery.
The company has a history of nearly 20 years, and in many years of development, it has designed and produced various advanced equipment and obtained a number of patented products and designs.
The company has rich experience in product R & D and production, advanced production process, and many professional technical personnel and service teams. The products designed by our company have the characteristics of reliable quality, stable operation, convenient operation, long service life and low operation cost, and have been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.
The team will help the goods reach your location safely. We are here waiting for your inquiry!

20 years
Professional advantages: our company has nearly 20 years of development history, rich experience in product R & D and production, and advanced production process.

High quality
Quality assurance: any product of our company can be submitted for inspection and regular inspection, and CE, BV, SGS and CCC have passed the inspection.

Price Guarantee
Price advantage: the manufacturer sends it directly, the price is reasonable, the delivery is on time and the service is considerate.

After-sale warranty
After sales advantage: super long warranty period.

Humanized design
Design advantages: customized, high degree of product automation and simple operation.

Alibaba Guarantee
Platform guarantee: your order will be guaranteed by Alibaba in terms of payment, delivery time and quality control.


A1:In order to provide you with a more appropriate quotation, we need to know the following information:
Q1:1. What is the output of the product you need and hope to achieve?
2. What is the final effect of the product you need?
3. Do you have specific requirements for the material of the product you need?
4. What is the product and environment you need? Are there supporting facilities?
Once we get your answer, I can immediately provide you with the most comprehensive quotation scheme. The price depends on different models. If you reply, we will give you another 5% discount.

A2:Why choose us?
Q2:1. We are a professional equipment manufacturer.
2. We will send the products you need directly from our company to your company
3. We have rich experience in product R & D and production, and advanced production process.
4. We have a professional sales and after-sales team, which will provide you with the most reasonable scheme at the first time in the process of consultation or use.
5. We have a professional logistics team to ensure that the products can be delivered to you in a timely and safe manner by sea, air, railway or highway.

A3:How long is the warranty period of the product?
Q3:1.Our products will be guaranteed for up to 12 months from the date of delivery.
2.During the warranty period, in case of operation failure (non-human factors), we will provide solutions at the first time, and provide free replacement service for the damaged parts of the product.
3.After the warranty period, we will continue to provide technical guidance service, and this service is free until you don't want to use it.

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