Herbal Extract Radix Codonopsis Root Extract Dang Shen Extract

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Product name

Codonopsis Pilosula Extract


Brown Yellow Powder


Polysaccharides 10% - 50%, Triterpene 1%-2%


Origin from 100% pure  Organic Reishi, soluble to water, moisture absorption easily


Food and drinks / beverage, Health products

Physical&Chemical index

Loss on Drying<5%, Ash<9%, Sieve Analysis: 80mesh As<1.0ppm, Pb<2.0ppm, Hg<0.1ppm, Cd<0.1ppm


Origin from 100% pure  Organic Reishi, soluble to water,moisture absorption easily

Part used



10KG/Carton, 25kg/drum, accept OEM small bag packaging as well.


Provided  --- Contact us here

Product  Packaging                                                                               


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 Planting Base                                                                                    

Our Planting base 

cover over of the country, provide technical support to local partner under cultivation contract, encourage, facilitate and monitor then implementation of responsible practices to guarantees security of raw material and cost - effective of products, make your products more competitive in the market.

Company Profile

Company Profile

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QUALITY CONTROL laboratories test raw materials in process,and finished products, using the most widely recognized analytical tools in the industry in order to maintain compliance for all products.

We focus on R&D, process innovation allows methods and technologies to be optimized on a continuous basis. Process innovation aims to increase yield, raise level of purity, and strengthen productivity while reducing costs, make products competitive in the market.

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Rich expertise in plant ingredients (extract powder, fruit and vegetable powder, superfoods powder, Sweeteners powder, etc. nature powders ) which allows us to meet and help you in developing efficient and specific products in food, beverage, health care products sectors.




Our Advantages

Our Advantages

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