Zinc bromide and Calcium bromide liquid with high density

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Product Overview


Zinc Bromide/Calcium Bromide Liquid

Product Description


Zinc Bromide/Calcium Bromide (ZnBr2/CaBr2) Brine requires high-density fluids and can be blended with lower density brines for specific density and crystallization point applications. Zinc Bromide/Calcium Bromide Brine, often referred to as zinc bromide, is available weighing 19.2 lb/gal (2,301 kg/m3) and is 54.5% Zinc bromide and 19.5% Calcium bromide.

Typical Physical Properties

Item     Index  
Appearance      Colorless or light yellow liquid    
CaBr2, %    20.0-25.0%
ZnBr2 ,%      50.0-55.0%    
Density(20℃),g/cm3       2.3   
pH(5%)       2.0-6.0
CI-%      0.5   



 Use and Application 

  • Inhibitive properties can prevent hydration that may lead to migration of swelling clays.

  • Can be blended with other clear brine fluids to achieve a specific density and crystallization temperature.

  • Generally compatible with most oilfield elastomers.


Packaging & Shipping


Packaging and Storage

Zinc Bromide/Calcium Bromide brine is packaged in bulk liquid quantities. Store in appropriate corrosion- resistant brine containers and keep closed and firmly sealed. It is a concentrated hygroscopic salt solution which will absorb water from the air, reducing density if not properly stored


Company Information


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