interior and exterior wall cement wall putty agent HPMC with 75 celsius degree high gel temperature

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Product Overview


Wall putty HPMC brief

The wall putty HPMC mainly works for the improving of workbility, opening time, anti- cracking and non powdering features . It can be also used in mortar, ceramic tile joint filler, tile mortar, cement mortar, POP mortar, ect. In which, the HPMC will act as water retention improver, thickener, dispersant, strength improver, fluidity improver, cohesion improver, etc.

Methoxy content ,%
Hydroxypropyl content,%
Moisture ,%
Residue (Ash) ,%
PH Value
Fineness, mesh
Gel temperature ℃

Reasons to choose us

Reason 1, Best selected raw materials

Reason 2, Germany equipment, premium technology

We divided the autoclaves into several groups, each of them keep producing 1 same standard type of product, which ensures the stability.
We invested 23 million dollars into the new equipment. Annual capacity can reach 60000 tons, assures lead time for big demands.

Reason 3, High efficiency, competitive price

Comparing to small factories or other foreign trade only company, with same standard and quality product, we have at least 5 % price advantage.

Reason 4, Whole set of water treatment, ensures lead time

The environmental restriction will not be our issue for the lead time delay. We have the whole set of water treatment, ensures the line working without stop due to any environment pollution check or shut down.

Reason 5, Advanced lab, customization available

Our lab got all the advanced equipments and devices for the testing of quality of each batch. Through 20 years experience, we have gained most professional experiences in customizing the products with different type of standard required.

Simple ways to check quality

Method No. 1. Ash ratio check by burning.
Normally the ash ratio shall be less than 5%. The less the better. By burning, we can check the ash content ratio roughly. The less ash left after burning, the better quality the product is.

Method No. 2. By weighing.
The higher purity the higher density it is. So, we may use the same measuring cup, add into HPMC of same volume, and check the weight. The heavier, the purer. (Based on the same correct content.)

Method No. 3. By checking the fluidity.
The higher purity the higher density it is. So, we may use the same measuring cup, add into HPMC of same volume, and check the weight. The heavier, the purer. (Based on the same correct content.)

Free samples available

Before bulk order, we suggest to check the quality first by samples. We provide free samples with the air shipping cost covered by the buyer. We may provide samples for different batches, for you to check our quality stability too.


Package and shipping

We accept OEM or ODM orders. If you want the package to be customized according to your design. You may provide your design and logo of bag or let us know your idea of design, we can design for you.

Company Profile

Jing Zuan Chemical Technology has been in the HPMC and related chemical production for more than 20 years. We just invested 23 million dollars on the new production line from Germany with capacity of 60000 tons annually. We have exported our products through exporting companies for more than 10 years. Now we are determined to develop our own oversea market by ourselves. Thus, direct selling will make us being able to offer the best competitive price and good quality products. Please follow us, and pay attention to our future online live streams. We will show you our factory and our team from different views. You may get to know us without need to visit by yourself under the severe condition of COVID-19 throughout the world.

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