Aeropak repair tubeless anti puncture liquid tire sealant

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Product Overview


Aeropak repair tubeless anti puncture liquid tire sealant


Liquid Tyre Sealant

Liquid Tyre Sealant


Advantages & Features

  1. Non-Toxic, Non-aerosol, Non-volatile.

  2. No need for a Tow Truck.

  3. Non-Rust to Rim, Non-Corrosive to Tire, increase air-tightness & extend tire durability life by 60%.

  4. Non-adhesive to tube, tire & rim, easy to clean up with water.

  5. Seal inner tube punctures up to 6mm.

  6. Seal tubeless tire punctures permanent.

  7. Special chemical agents help to cool down the tire and reduce blowout by 80%.

  8. Fix punctures instantly, repeatedly and permanently for more than 50 times only by one injection(Temporarily for tube tires, need traditional repair).

  9. Different tire size is designed with specific volume such as 300ml 500ml 1000ml 4L 20L and more.Upgraded bottle cap made application much easier.


Stay effective in the tire for 8+ months with our minimum suggested volume, customer can add more to extend the effective time.

Tire sealant is a liquid that may dry out over long periods of time. The rust and corrosion inhibitors in the sealant also break down over time. For maximum puncture protection and optimal performance, we recommended that refill the sealant every 6 months.




  • Must shake this sealant evenly up & down before application.

  • Do not mix with any other self-sealing agent or water.

  • This sealant must be prefilled into the tire before the punctures.

  • If you want to use this product after the puncture, you have to spot the puncture and rotate tire or move car to position puncture at lower half of tire (with puncture at 6 o' clock position), then squeeze this sealant into tire and Inflate tire with air pump.

  • This sealant will not seal punctures outside the tread area or seal a hole made by tools like a roughen rasp.

  • This tire sealant is a temporary repair when used in passenger buses with tube tires, please inspect tires regularly & seek an immediate professional repair when you find any puncture or perforating objects.

  • Eye protection must be worn during installation.

  • This product may affect the reading accuracy of tire built-in TPMS.

  • Apply this sealant to old and low-quality tires or tires with unmatched inner tube will affect sealing performance.

  • This Sealant might be harmful if swallowed, Keep out of reach of children.



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All products according to12 pieces/ 24 pieces/ 48 pieces in a carton, with crosswise card to seperate each can, and protect each can from scratching.


If shipped by LCL, we will pack all the goods onto pallet, and wrap with plastic film to protect the goods safe in transportation, and make sure you will receive the ordered quantity of goods (will not get loss of the goods) .


For Full container loading, we will ship only by DG cargo container ( UN1950, IMO 2), and will put a net at the back of container to prevent goods drop down and hit workers on the ground. 


Our Services


What we can offer are as below
1. High quality products
We strictly monitor every link of production, including the artwork confirmation, manufacture order, can production, Raw materials purchase, filling, packing and transport. Our quality control 

department staffs test our products at random during the production to guarantee the quality. The 

third party inspection is acceptable as well.

2. Professional dangerous goods shipping
The Aerosol products belong to the dangerous goods UN1950, IMO2.2. The ordinary shipping agent can not arrange such dangerous goods. Most of the agents ship dangerous goods according to the ordinary goods’ condition and as a consequence, the goods are in great risk of checking and being detained by custom both in PORT OF LOADING and PORT OF DISCHARGE.

However, our shipping agent has more than 11 years experience in dealing with the dangerous goods, so we can help customers save money and time.We ship the dangerous goods in 

accordance with its related conditions strictly and make sure the goods arrive at PORT OF DISCHARGE safe and fast with smooth customs clearance.


3. Strong production capability
With Monthly Production capability more than 6 million pieces, we ensure the on time delivery. We have exported our products more than 50 containers every month and have owned 10 sole 

agents in worldwide.


4. Certifications

5. Perfect Service
I-like offers OEM and ODM service for free with its first-class design team,

professional technical advisers, a management team, and highquality research and development staffs.We bring together the elite group of modern marketing to provide comprehensive solutions so that help enlarge customers’ business and get good reputation.


6. Rich industry experience
With 17 years industry experience, more than 10 years foreign trade experience, we offer professional Import and Export services. We know the market demands of different countries, the purchase habit, and the consumer behavior, and so we can be your market guide and offer the best solution to you.


7. Cooperate with famous brands and Hypermarket
We have offered OEM service for Wynn’s and SHIELD for more than 4 years.
Ilike products enter The UK supermarket and the French supermarket, famous for its good quality and price.



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