Japanese Vacuum Pack Wagyu Beef Cubes Half Beef For Wholesale

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Product Overview


Products Description

We sell Japanese wagyu Cattle by the Carcass.


◎ Origin
Products from the Tohoku region, Kinki region and Kyushu region will be sold. Please contact us for branded beef.

◎ What is "Wagyu"?
Only the following four types and those managed by the traceability system will be Wagyu.

1. Japanese Black Cattle
2. Japanese brown Cattle
3. Japanese shorthorn Cattle
4.Japanese Polled Cattle

High-grade Wagyu are those that meet the above conditions and devise a fattening method for each region, or are raised with their own feed. Specifically, "Matsuzaka beef" from Mie prefecture, "Waou" from Kumamoto prefecture, etc.

One of the major characteristics of Japanese beef is the so-called "marbling", which is muscle meat that has fat (called sashimi) infiltrated like a mesh. The fine texture gives it a soft texture that melts in your mouth.

◎ What kind of food do you like?
It goes well with any dish, such as baking and boiling. The table below shows our recommended way of eating.

◎ Sample availability

Company Profile

We started retail sales of pork and chicken 65 years ago in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. We started handling beef 36 years ago, and the cumulative sales total amount is over 8 billion yen. The current Wagyu products are sold all over Japan, including Matsuzaka beef. Our biggest strength is our purchasing route. With a track record of more than 30 years, we are able to provide brand-name beef nationwide on a site-by-site basis for beef for export.

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