Stored energy welding machine: stainless steel spot welding machine

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Product Overview


Stored Energy Welding Machine


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Features :

1.Condensed type just needs 1/10-1/30 current if it is compared with alternative current type. It can make use of the power efficiently. It is a power-saved type welding machine.

2.Very less hot warp and oxidization save the processing in follow-up steps.

3.StabilityLess welding tolerance conforms to JIS vehicle specifications.

4.EconomyThe consuming parts such as copper electrode is very less, and power consumption is very less. It reduces the operation cost.

5.DurabilityThe pressure adding device and the semiconducting charge and the discharge circuits are considered to keep their superiority.

6.The key components are imported from Europe, the USA and Japan. Among them, the pneumatic components are made in Japan, and SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is a product made in Europe, the USA or Japan. The condenser is same as the condenser used in Japanese.

7.Machines. It is a storage type condenser for special use on instant charge and discharge. The control system is made of the USA or Japanese components.
In addition to above features, the non-iron metal and the different kind of metal can be soldered together. It doesn't need auxiliary material, but increases efficiency if it is compared with the conventional method of rivet and solder. It is very helpful for the enterprise to save material charge and the salary.


Discharge Pour Power Control Circuit Layout

The principle of condensing type resistor Welding machine
As Figure 1 shown, store the power needed for welding into the condenser. Then, discharge this power instantly into the welding container. It will discharge a large welding current. It is like to pump the water from a well to a bucket. Then, pour the water suddenly from the bucket.
Therefore, it just needs one tenth or less current to finish the work if it's compared with the alternative current type welding machine.Besides, the current of instant electricity discharge can be used efficiently. Its heat efficiency is better than other welding types.

The condenser can be charged 475V maximum. The charge voltage can be adjusted to meet the need of welding current. The charge voltage is controlled by semiconductor, so the charge voltage is not changed even if the voltage is unstable. You just need to set one time, and always have a fixed welding current for the welding needs.


                     Metal carbon brush                    1390373252945_hz-fileserver-upload2_331788           





Company Information


Da Jie Electricity Machinery Corporation has been established since 1973 year, have more than 47 years professional experience in R&D and manufacturing, and has been continuously to develop and grow in its international market. We focuse on the spot welding area at the starting period of time of our establishment.


As time goes by, Da Jie has developed machines and technology in different metal machining areas such as industrial welding, heating, upsetting. Over the years, we have OEM spot welding machine for Japan, American and European welding equipment manufacturers. 


Machinery certificate.jpg   CE certificate.jpg      ISO9001-2015-SGS 




In addition, Da Jie has acquired its certification and approval by the government regarding its technology and product innovation by winning Taiwan Excellence Award consecutively in 6 years from 2016~2021. Six symbolic product items which has won the recognition publicly is our Electrical Heating Upsetter with automatic robot feeding, Inverter system Seam Welder for fuel tankInverter Seam Welder for the Full Line Equipment for Stainless Steel Water Tanks, New Generation High-efficient Condenser Welding MachineGeneration High-efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine and also New Generation High-Efficient Power-Saving Inverter Heating Machine for Equalizing Bar of Automobiles.


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OEM & ODM suppiled

DJE Company establish history and OEM supply for famous welding company in the world


DA JIE electricity machinery was founded in 1973 in Taichung, central Taiwan, with 40 employees and strong R&D and sales teams, which will cover for domestic sells and the international market. We have sold our products to over 100 countries, like: Japan (HITACHI, TOSHIBA, HONDA, TOYOTA ), France, UK, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Brazil,….. Our main focus is on good machine quality and fast delivery time for our customers.


  OEM for U.S.A                         OEM for Japan.JPG

       OEM  for U.S.A customer                                        OEM for Japan customer 


Due to our brand and quality is very famous around 45 years in the world, so we have OEM or ODM supplied for customers who also manufacture welding machine. For example : U.S.A, Japan, France and Thailand ..etc. Any kind of particular design is easier for our company, because we have strong R&D department for according to any request from customer.


Spot welding (White)                           Spot welding (2)       

           OEM for Thailand customer                                             OEM for Europe customer 

We are grateful for all the customers who always support our brand in the world. Below is our welding machine excellent feature different with the other supplier :


1. Reasonable price and high quality
2. Operation-friendly and long lifespan in use
3. Delivery fast and high accuracy



Shipping & Payment

Shipping & packing method :


Plastic protective cover+ wooden platform & reinforcing protect wooden beam

Fixed method :Wooden case combine with hook cable


1. Payment term : 40% T/T down payment after confirming the order and 60% balance payment before machine shipment


2. Delivery time : Depending on the ordering time and machine type


3. Warranty : One year warranty, the Seller shall supply the free replacement spare parts (Without the mold, wearing parts and the items of misuse), and the delivery cost will bear on the buyer’s account.



Specification :

ModelRated CapacityRated frequencyInput voltageRated forceElectrode pressureCooling water

Suitable for worldwide voltage, design & making according to local need.
The machine shape is designed as per workpiece, ensuring its funcition. The capacity won't change.



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