Round corner PTFE Toast Bag- two circular angles, fit for toaster, oven/microwave oven

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Product Overview


Round Corner PTFE Toast Bag- 21*21.5cm, two circular angles



In the reusable toaster bags you can prepare toasted sandwiches, garlic bread, slices of toast in an ordinary toaster, grill or toasted sandwich-maker. Ready in just a few minutes and the appliance stays clean. No need for butter, so it’s extra healthy! And because it is transparent, you can easily see when the food is done. The bag is reusable and can simply be washed in soapy water by turning the bag inside out. By using the bags in the toaster you can keep gluten-free bread quite separate from wheat bread crumbs in a toaster. It completely eliminates the chance of cross-contamination.


Strong points:

 - Reusable, more than 50 times
- heat-resistant up to 260ºC (500ºF)
- no need for grease - promotes healthier eating
- easy to clean in soapy water (just turn the bag inside out)
- complies with Food Regulations
- because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when the food is ready
- appliances stay clean


It is very important for the bag not to touch the heating elements of the toaster. To avoid this, please do not overfill the bag. If the bag comes into contact with the heating elements, it will burn a hole in the bag, although the bag itself will not catch fire.


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